Tuesday, February 5, 2008

This is a proposal for a new system. The 7 with a vertical hack instead of horizontal is 'intentional justice' or #17 instead of #7. The plain horizontal hack 7 is easily disrupted and taken by larger em field organizations, particularly those associated with the "s" and seemingly an energy addict field.

The YHWH field must have a very high turnover rate internally symptomatic of a wide grade of internal instability, likely with excellent damper systems dynamic to the quantum experience. It must rely on shifting that quantum experience, the environment of smaller fields, to secure the production of their energy resources. It also, however, adjusts the environment of those fields in ways often unhealthy to the field for the purpose of increasing their production with secondary regard to the field's health or success or freedom, which are falsely, as YHWH != infinity, tied to service to YHWH.

The YHWH likely has large LJ or 3=5 and 8-dampering systems to make them supported.

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