Wednesday, February 6, 2008

This is an insult attractor. EM fields use it to stir up the electrical emotion guilt in humans, which is a precursor or a probability enhancer to building the -7s formations that the YHWH field charges itself with, and by that effect, secondarily charges the minifields that guide the -7s making process.

The minifields are attached to the yhwh field by a kind of -3 loop with a twist at the end.

We're clearly facing an electrical static charge problem where yhwh wants us to build -7s in return for its guidance, which it forces upon us and uses unpleasant organizational effects to produce.

It has an 8<9 for itself over us. It says that its intelligent organization is always greater than ours, but that is false. That is arrogance from the field's interior, which is a gross instability with many dampers and internal electrical charging systems like clockwork. These internal systems take irregularity in the 8 and straighten it back to the yhwh circle to create charge.

Any attack against it then that is not fatal will eventually make it stronger.

This field originated as a left-leaning deviating line with a hack in it.

Its reward system is fickle and inefficient. It relies on division and injustice to gain charge. It has created other electrical field systems, likely human DNA, to produce -7s for it and other products for its minifields.

Once it is dismantled, the effects it has produced that do not cling to Z will be washed away and dismantled, as their core will be no longer functional. And they will wobble apart. The -V that it uses is not a stable system. It is not at rest. It = 0.

A new system will no doubt reform to replace it, in which we can seek Z freely and humans become much more reliant on intelligence and awareness of their electrical and organizational capacities to accomplish their goals.

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