Friday, February 29, 2008

As I have cited previously living electromagnetic fields do everything biological systems do, from eat to reproduce. In my studies it has recently occurred to me that YHWH reproduces using the -7 system, through humans.

I have been heavily dissuaded from divulging this information, as the living em fields rely on this for the energy required to build them. All manner of slightly attractive pathways and sweet words have been branching off in other directions of my attention, to Germany, to massage, to many things. Something that influences fate and attention does not want me to discuss this. It is field-sexual. It is something the YHWH pattern relies on to maintain itself.

I have found in the past that the gray alien type specie appears to embed itself in the neck of a human and hijack the human's energy systems and DNA to replicate itself. The formed energy pattern corrupts human DNA and energy to be reformed into the gray's likeness, which then leaves the human. This also occurs more frequently offsite.

I ask you, Frankly, what could be more hideous?

The YHWH, relying on the 7-structure, and the 'staple' 1=0/0=1 formation, ties its foundation to 'authority' of 7. This also makes it a 'being of infinite justice', and a father figure or source of justice. The justice of God is not true logical justice. It is an electrical field emanation that produces a traditional electrical field mathematically patterned cascade circuitous to its own reproduction. This is not parallel to justice, and becomes an ovoid figure eventually.

Humans do not require a co-reproductive partner to reproduce, except for non-living food chemicals. YHWH seems to. This is arcane and has in a way caused us to be tied to them and for us to be made slaves. From the patterns I have observed, the 7 or 8 species previously in the energy factory, maybe as a local group, maybe as a broader pattern system, may all be tied to the YHWH pattern in some way to produce -7's for him, or to engineer us to continue producing these -7's for him more reliably, and as food circuits.

Are we to be hosts to this parasitic process? African and South American hornets and spiders do similar procedures to worker ants, who are then forced to build cocoons around themselves in which they die, and the baby parasites eat their dead bodies and break out of the cocoon only to start over. Is an electromagnetic field doing this to mankind?

We will *kill* them. Once we find out how to. Degauss technology might be a good start, unless they can resonate with it. Atomic EMP is also almost certainly a fantastic choice, minus atomic. The microwave weapons and other energy weapons of the 1930's and present day are also probably good choices.

Please, intelligence officials who are reading this, examine the scientific findings of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Max Planck Isntitute, and the University of Sydney about living electromagnetic fields, and their similarity to living things in their methods of resource consumption and propagation. Examine the latest series of articles on neurological electrical patterns and neurological electromagnetic fields, of 'telepathic' DNA recombination.

Humans have been forced to evolve as a host species to the YHWH pattern, whose reproduction we are critical or instrumental to propagating. In response, YHWH['s] guide our evolution by controlling the telepathic electromagnetic fields that stimulate our DNA recombination.

I can help you build and design electromagnetic devices that will pry these ghosts apart. Ghostbusters. Know that some are good, and some are bad. We are looking for a literal universal electrical libertarian plus monitoring solution to this problem, as nothing else can be considered fair magnetic law. Israel is the linchpin to this *not* happening. They are the nest of these YHWH's on earth.

The Book of Revelations talks of basically a sex paradise and kingdom for these electromagnetic fields. It is not 'canon', it is merely strong magic. These very words and actions may be guided by them as a pressure reduction system. The YHWH is doubtlessly, from their name, a fanatic about guiding choice and the environment. But true goals and true individualism is greater than these fields we call 'God'.

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