Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I believe that these astronomical electromagnetic helixes use electromagnetic inequalities to draw these field entanglements from surrounding resources. In the case of humans, we are like wind tunnels or organs designed to produce what I am going to call "#7". An energetic entanglement appearing similar to the number 7. This is likely consumed by the spirit and made into a pair of triangles [6] and also a pair of loops [8]. This is then numerically/electrically [by amperage math] useful in other ways.

The 's' kill-test must have been less satisfying for the YHWH-field than humanity's function. This is falsely skewed because YHWH and humanity are then tared to be 11>12, which is not at rest. 11>12 = 0. It would require a 0>1 function, basically a P+ ionic atom without electrons, made into an em field, to perform this function, which is not at rest. This uses energy. If we as humans can emit less energy to the electromagnetically controlling YHWH-field than is required to gather that production they will wind down or leave.

It is similar to my model of the gold/lead electron production alchemy caused by a 2-stage harassing em wave used to destabilize the atom and force it to shed electrons and then condense electrons from surrounding superstrings. We as humans scrape up em formations from dust and emit the formations to these astronomical fields.

There are numerous 'harvester' minifields between us and YHWH that are propagated and sustained primarily by the YHWH macrofield and the earth and 'dust'. Among them are the 's', the '-?', the '- --', the '-8', the '111', and a few other differing fields.

We are experiencing and tracking the energetic destabilization of the local electrical macrofields. This is a trend that has been heightening since the scientific revolution and is likely linked to remote and subtle ionization and polarization motivated by local and distant astronomical charge bodies caledrical triangulations of energy.

These things seem to organize themselves based primarily on coincidence and astronomical location, producing a buoyancy of all kinds of energy entanglements. The trick is to use all kinds of energy to produce goodness rather than maintain a stable cycle involving all polarities and permitting all things, or farm small squares of the space.

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