Friday, February 8, 2008

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This is the runic snake. Many creatures have -8 inequalities. It causes them to lose their infinite nature and always seek something. This search is wired to serve the YHWH field's -16y RS function. The - to you, and the + to YHWH are a +-8, and +-7. YHWH refreshes you partially, winding you down to try to last longer like an addictive video game. This is a +-9. YHWH also does not want you break from this yoke, because it benefits him you both in an +-8 system. He sees the greater his allies are without them choosing otherwise. [Delete 1 for every two, and make sure they are true.] He seeks e>f. He believes that with 8e, we can overcome the phi[1.61839~] phenhomenon. Z is the source of desire, which is to be used to approach a .. Wonder is what has built this stable reality. We've selected ourselves into it from before our reality's birth.


Stable corporate profit should be [x][phi-.5] over the longest period of time. This process is made from liking things and moving on, which is the ultimate zero resistance 50% fickle, but with a beautiful aspect to it, which becomes 0. We should be at around 14% right now, based on social factors I am estimating using my brain's electromagnetic sensitivity and should be still around 11%. Don't we all want 12%? Flat 11% is too low, but so close to the standard we often overlook it or call it a wash.

This is probably standard social time, if measured

Man, my psychic powers are going flip. Something really bad is happening within about 3 weeks, one way or the other.

I spent a lot of time wargaming.

We must have social valves for other people's failures.

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