Saturday, February 2, 2008

I am pretty displeased that I have been beset by yahwehs recently. They are *so* arrogant. If you try to adjust their plans at all or resist them they will begin a long and varied campaign of trying to weed you out. I am not easily weeded out, and I despise their overlording of mankind.

They have deemphasized several pieces of text I wrote and my energy density and future pathways.

I hope to bring mankind into an intelligent and voluntary energy organization instead of the energy slavery we experience now. One of the weaknesses of this energy factory is that it relies very heavily on every specie involved.

It is clear to me that mankind will be crippled very soon by our own repressive techniques. I am disappointed that Yahwehs are forcing mankind into these actions, the same who sent the great flood around 2500BC and have orchestrated human events since creating humans as biological energy organizers, which is what biology basically is.

I am inspired to acquire help from those sources exterior to this energy factory system. It is probable that we will be interacting with them more formally after this current system collapses.

And that they lie and manipulate so *openly*, as if we had no intelligence, that is shameful. They hate that previous statement. They are quick to bring retribution when their self-honor is offended. I call that brittleness.

They are very intertwined with our mental functions and select us and our evolutionary associations quite actively. They work intersocially to breed us like crops. I find this repulsive.

They have influence on the calendrical energy association system. Different energy topics will associate with certain other energies in a calendrical gearlike system. The Mayas knew this system very well. Several other ancient astronomical societies had very good calendars. Yahwehs will abuse this calendar system for their own influence over others. They want P > Z, which means they want to be involved with you more than they want nirvana. They will create reliance structures to serve this association. They will lie and say and do basically anything they can get away with to continue the structuring system. It is repulsive. When we build stronger personal culture and social ties by "9" than Yahwehs can produce by "8", they will mass-suicide as per their pact of creation of Adam, as has been shown from sporadic Yahweh suicides from this event.

Unless they can change to abandon this repressive bonding characteristic, I would view their mass suicide as a benefit, but for the energy field density it would collapse.

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