Thursday, February 7, 2008

Why would they not let us be like them? I believe it is because they planned to use us as cell chargers forever, where revelations says Satan will be hurled in the furnace and God will be worshipped forever by us face down. This would be us being electrically raped forever, and not knowing what was going on basically living in a stable, apart from our Z by being drunk on energy.

This may already be the story of hundreds of races out in the universe.

The Z>8 shows that even infinite energy is inferior to Z.
And the hack in the Z image shows that this energy is used to organize quantums, not to soak everything. We will be free, and the world will be ours too.

If there is a better way for us to gain our desire in geometry then let it be. And let YHWH be examined in this way so others are not enslaved and kept from their Z without need.

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