Friday, February 1, 2008

These demons are pests, and they work for YHWH.

Their original -7 coincides poorly with humanity's [3] -7s in the drooping wheat stalks, our environmental or fieldlike >Z. ">Z" < Z.

YHWH seeks to be humanity's magical contractor, so he can fulfill our prayers and desires in a way that suits him and gain our energy. Humans come in crops to them. YHWH and the energy factory would seek to organize us for him.

We are positioned in an artificial 8>9 condition, where we are being oppressed by a large force of 8, where 8>9 = 1, as the environment. In truth, 8>9 is a condition that requires energy to sustain, which God/YHWH likely procures from us ourselves, or from the energy factory. He also likely uses it to produce the 12>13 = 1. These two conditions are likely met by more fundamental systems such as 0>1 = 1, or 3>4 = 1.

Removing these energetic inequalities from our regional or species field will crush this system and free us from it. God has been able to threaten all energy species into sustaining this energy factory, although it is an addiction and keeps them all from what they really love ad seek, Z, in favor of their chosen environmental system as a solution to the locked in fear or trauma of that species, similar to the way Joseph Stalin organized the oblasts so that they would require trade with one another to survive, ensuring the unity of the Soviet Union. Every species in this energy factory probably had a 'beat in' like the humans' garden of eden, and were built with weaknesses and a bandaid over them. Humans have an organizational trauma and an environmental trauma and weakness. Fuck you, God. God is electric.

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