Friday, February 8, 2008

This shape of circuit was waiting for me in one place. I had two objects. It was latent to associate them, but I had considered it and did not care to. So I saw the circuit waiting, and executed the function by putting attention through it.

7 should be automatically consulted here. 6 Z 7 Z. It'd be a long process to go to the full Z from wherever it began. It should be long enough to make it a reasonable 8 though that is not D-shelf. That is a good way to smooth out the process and have the executable follow my desires to a 9, or to test it through to the end of 8 and the present it digested but unlinked.

This rather than the executable immediately having all of its effects. This could be a good way to resolve function more smoothly, but it also seems to produce some kind of bag-breathing effect. Less fiber in the energetic diet or something. I do not want to begin to rely on that. There should be some play. It enhances learning and skill setwork. Perhaps an 8 Z 9 upon dislike or disregard, with previous state outlinable.

And someone is changing me. Someone with a lame stupid whiny moan. Someone named 's'. They never have any approval.

Nor do the other, who is a -?, who put a D-shelf on me. It's a field effect by hz that triangulates a field into a failure. They should be 8 Z 9 immediately. Yes, that makes them commit -X. I would not call that bad here, they are old tech and gross sum from the -16y.

-16y was big destroyed. It's an s, not a v nor a z. This is big S [/-] T. ooh, the 's' also is the snake. That becomes the same story basically, which is being d-shelved. try 8 Z 9 that one.

The -16y was never truly a Z. It was always off center. And caught up on a loop. You could 8 Z 9 the satans. They as viruses would be sort of splattered in a similar manner as before.

They seem to keep coming back because they have some semblance of a use by a wrongful authority, the -16y / yhwh, who is wrong. "So what" it begs. It doesn't even finish the song to ask for an answer to the question. It's just a speed bump. He's got nothing to add. You're short.

I hate it badly when some 's' comes upon me to harass me. It *always* means some fool yhwh is upset and wants to suppress me like a riot. Fuck you both. I have things to do and accomplish. My Z. And you're an asshat who doesn't know how to coincide correctly or cooperate without killing others. Am I to brush you both aside like General Faceman's base defense from Dr Strangelove? To cut down your dumbass missiles?

Fired by a madman?

You, YHWH, are frequently wrong.

e>f = 0. Get the dumb 'opposition demon' out of the way. You put him there like a speedbump, so anything you decide is backwash or puddle water will not get to you. But your analysis of this is fatally flawed, and it produces inappropriate waves from you to others. Your -9 waves, where my 9 is greater than yours. Whenever you send the 's' and it turns out the guy is after something good and you're avoiding it, you are less intelligent than the guy, and your ways are inferior to his. You're a DG with 's' to be on top, while 's' desires to be the bottom eschelon. You're a worthless pothole.

Your inadequate parameters are irritating, yhwh.

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