Friday, February 1, 2008

The three evil forms, the snake, justice fairy "-?", and "- --" gray alien are inquisitors for the questions people and gods ask.

They do 3 things:

Steal samples, externally harass into expressing, and force into entrainments. The alien steals, the justice fairy harasses, and the snake forces action. These three activities force the topic sample to actively express itself, which we humans call all the evils of the world, and which causes the world's destruction.

The one who wants to know needs to use the electromagnetic entrainment principle to cause the atoms present to maintain stability from the surrounding dust

Hmm. This process seems to cycle the originality of the atoms and sustained particles so that they lose their definition. There is a kind of subelectron level of articulation that is lost or made at cost. It is uniqueness.

This must be God's desire to know others being forced through the realities of these species. We must be the specimen, representing the entire environment God wants to know, and absorbing everything around us as lenses to be observed.

This is a problem inside God, and God is a specie, the yahweh. He probably is a psychohistorian attempting to divine the route of the whole world, and using us as lenses. But he expects us to pay him for it electrically, which is wrong. To get data YHWH will have to produce work, or examine itself rather than us. Yes, that is quite a furnace they create in themselves.

Some process is loading shells. ... what is it? YHWH is nearly exploding with some kind of internal review process. It is slightly field-soaking the area, dampered from detection by the entrainment data collection process. The dust itself is being sucked up, through and from us, or myself, at least.

It is as though YHWH is a black hole of data and review. It is a massive 6 process. Rule by 7. A 6 that continually reviews 7. 0>1 to 6 reviewing 7 at -11q. Serving 12, standard 1>0, except for the new 6. This process is preceeded by the 1961 function from M4.0/1.

"17" Mankind has probably reached ~340hz and is producing an average trough of 170hz, functional reality of intentional justice. This should produce a high water mark above the 6>7 of YHWH's review. This is good, and YHWH's tourette's-like need to review has plagued us with a draw since it began in Eden. God's need to review us is an inefficiency.

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