Friday, February 29, 2008

Because my electromagnetic field is strong and dense and my neurological electrical control systems are advanced, I am an attractive center for spiritual and living electromagnetic field activity. Like a good tree for climbing or swinging from.

YHWH, the electromagnetic field that we call 'God' sometimes, the field that arguably created Earth and the biological lifeforms as we know them today, would attempt to own us and our fields, and to keep them for its/their purposes without our knowledge or consent.

I have been studying the electrical interchanges between humans' electrical makeup and other fields. God wants to keep us on a leash, even as we progress into being his electrical contemporaries, and continually prove that we have a spark that is as living as his own, and a will that is to be respected as the natural law of any thing. Hello.

God has said he will end this all.

I do not believe that it is right to do so. I would love to see 'revelations' repelled and mankind come into consciousness and goodness among their own group electrical systems and gain stability in advancement and community with those in the world.

The slavery and killing of the spirits of mankind disgusts me, and is like watching a living creature being torn apart.

Anything that can see and hear, know these things, and work with us for good as you see true and fit.

God has a fault that is a fissure which he hides and spends his time packing with energy from others. He is a leak and demands that we fill it with our lifeblood.

May we be free.

Know the history of my engagements and studies. God has selected and enhanced the power and authority of an observer who will not see his shame. He is 096. Not 1.0

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