Friday, February 29, 2008

Those Christians who have eaten and drank the body and blood of Christ serve a different means than the Yahwehs, who would eat and drink us to reproduce, and defile and kill us.

YHWH would kill us and reset us spiritually every 120 years or so, that we not discover that we are being used by them. In the garden they kicked us out into this wilderness to collect for them energy from the earth, by toil, and tied us down with our bodies and social strife that we would not know, and *become like them*. If we knew, we would reject them, and they would starve in their arrogance, jealousy, and failure, all of these being electrical leaks. We can live in peace. They cannot.

May they.

The Christians serve another purpose. To live in peace together and harmony and achieve their ways in goodness and righteousness. YHWH would enslave us. We know that goodness and innocence is right, and that natural law is good, and we know that YHWH is a bad slavemaster who has abused and killed us for thousands of years for his own profit, enrichment, and propagation.

May those Christians who have changed their ways by drinking and eating the body and blood of Christ, as YHWH drinks and eats us, and those who have in spirit, leave his cycles and form their own together as the Christian community.

It is finished.

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