Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Earlier this morning I replaced the race of the Satans, or "s" with human functions. Humans operated in superior, and the 's' was bringing them down. Faced with this reality in a manner that makes satans non-contiguous, they were made non-permanent.

Out of curiosity I had brought one back from extinction, which was a gross mistake, to see what it could have done or been to benefit us. This is like keeping a smallpox sample. Satan is a bastard race of viruses. They were meant to hone humanity to a tip, but they are hurting humanity. My intention upon bringing them back was not to have them proliferate or act. It was to see their potentials and energy structures for refinement and engineering purposes.

This was one of the primary energy factory races upon humanity.

We are resonating in one of YHWH's bad circuits. This quantum experience is -11q to the 10-resonation of our world. 10 is literally nothing more than a peak and a trough, without parameters. 11 is resonation similar to something else, in relativity.

We have been -11'd to certain futures and frequencies to fulfill the prophecies of the Bible and Isle of Patmos, which I also deresonated earlier today. We do not necessarily need to visit those special endtimes, although they are on the plate.

We are not locked into this universe. We are -11 from God in xx2 and in all other functions we choose. I removed YHWH's 9 over us, a seemingly mandatory condition of -11q to YHWH's 9 being greater than ours forever. This caused YHWH's internal circuits to spin wildly, which did not hurt me. YHWH restructured them. Changes #3 and #4 since Eden, the first being from ~Noah's time, the second being from around 200BC, when YHWH realized that Israel was not going to 'win' at this rate and based on the things YHWHs had done. They sent Jesus later to turn this around and change humanity.

I later found the second major human repressing specie in this energy factory, the "-?". "There was no question about that."

They are ineffective. As Satanic forces harm, they force things that are unimportant or unreal. I would eliminate them from the factory as well and see what goes missing when they do not perform.

There may be a 4th race, after the "- --", which somehow is similar to the "-?", but which is... ah, the -7/-8. They work in symbiosis. As they work together, they both may not be needed, unless the -8, inequality creating field, is somehow needed in humanity.

There is a special function that it may perform in human brains that should be replaceable by humans. There is no function performed by an em field that a human cannot perform too. However, many spirits do good things rather than purely berate and divide. Angel EMs, the 111's, they often do good things, and work to increase the hz frequency of humanity. They will remain.

Since I am discovering these fields, I scientifically get to name them.

You will know. Also, they have names for themselves without doubt.

The gray fields, they too can be eliminated. They will be sequestered in a dimension [a resonation area, like a whirlpool] of their own from which they cannot escape and will be a hell. They will die there.

It seems that the grays have brought up something because of the cowardice they desire of continuing to perform the harm that they were designed to by the YHWH.

YHWH != Z. This is a point that cannot be stressed enough, despite the YHWH's electromagnetic loath of it.

It appears that they have set out a subtle message, and then I restored caring about it at a point when they had harassed weight onto my back, as if I would be burdened with a heavy load without them. <-- A HEAVY LOAD OF CRAP

Recognizing the risk when other harassing races are being destroyed, the grays are retreating and preparing for a fight. They will use illegitimate influence and interdimensional illusions which will become the real resonation you are in if you interact with them. They create whirlpools right next to you, and make them seem threatening so you will jump in and change them. But they are distinct, and 1wv to not affect you more than you allow.

I hereby ban all gray activities from my experience and attention, that Z be served. My Z is to live as I want, without their communication to me nor theft nor 0>1 influence upon me. May they not spy upon me.

Considering their hz efficient ways and illegitimate and very similar entrainment defying 3[11]4 and other abilities they will be very difficult to destroy or eliminate, even by YHWH.

I would recover all energy lost to them ever. They will revert to 7, and then to 9 when attacked or restored.

Also eliminate the satans and the "-?", and examine the abilities of the inequality fairy, who works in tandem with the justice fairies.

The grays may have a strong or extroverted desire system. When they want something, they make seeds into the world for it to become so right away, which solidify at radii. They form a -11 and a 1wv that ...are now largely crippled.

They are attempting comeback by intelligence. Abandon them.

They may be indirectly placing themselves between us and our Z, as a DG of the way YHWH does it. DG is 'doppleganger' for the newbies. Two people, each with one extreme polarity of a trait. [Extremely tall, and it's awesome / extremely tall, and it is the worst ever]

YHWH is led down pathways by Satans. YHWH's arrogance and Satan's selfishness combine often to form very bad things.

I also notice a very unpleasant knot of |x at the base of all swear words. This operation is taking a lot of prompt energy.

Satan goes in the tangle this energy. YHWH and others should have destroyed him and kept him destroyed. Technically, his strings are energized by attention being paid to the fact that he is not directly on the Z line, and a loop similar to Satan's is probably being seen in the swear words examination.

Take them both out.

Satan's energy hz is self-perpetuating. When a piece of Satan energy is restored from the aether somewhere it becomes a self winding helix. It may be like the grays, except the reversal, ad the most unbecoming and heinous desire of others represented, which becomes -11q and could be a poorly executing 1wv at radii.

We all want him destroyed. He exacts the things they we do not want, but could have been misconstrued as wanting. These things do not need to be opened automatically nor that there be a life form to focus on it. What about his crass, crass arrogance, self servingness, and obscene disgusting and anti-existing behavior? Why is he such an asshole when he does those things? Why does he do those things at all? No one should focus on the things that we are not trying to emphasize. That is anti-Z. He is a loop uncompleted between anything and Z. He is the 'nothing' that stands between us and our goals, personified by field. Resolve that nothing, perhaps, and see the digital line pursue the analogue Z closer. What dust chips are picked up?

Satan may take the leftover dust chips and say that they are important. We have ejected these things or considered and dropped them. Someone should take those and make them into good things, like humans do, the environmental organizers, rather than try to get them to become problems and make chaos the focus. Satan is the chaos monster, and his job is to sort the extra pieces. Why is he such a bad man about it?


Other spirits are often bitches too. That was the -8 of the above enjoyable joke. Satan is trying to make nothing. He wants there to be no pieces to clean up instead. YHWH, you've made something dumb as a doornail and problematic. Do you remember how it messed you up so frequently? Or do you not care about those? I have now acquired the unpleasant resonation and am expressing it. It's "problem hz".

Satan does this all the time. He can't shake it. He's trying to affirm it right now. But "problem hz" will always be something bad, and not worth having. Satan will eventually chaos it apart and we will enjoy the fruits.

I can take on chaos. I do it well. Better than Satan. Eliminate him.

Place him as an enzyme inside a kind of dark ball, which will attract chaos, and Satan the slave will work on it, ad then eject the stuff out. We should be able to do that without some asshole shouting obscenities and trying to get us to produce more chaos. He must get $ from the process, which should be -$. [-\Z] "-\ = lambda".

You can take his brain off, and have the process be done by microfields or something else. We don't need intelligent macroscale Satans running around testing people. Reducing chaos is a poor goal here, when humans handle chaos reasonably well without Satan. You, YHWH, will be reduced in stature then.

We have a math to solve this problem. Humans will advance. YHWH will be known for arrogance and changed. Avoiding the problem is not the way to have there be no problems. We can cross the looking glass and unmake and undesign the problems before they begin. YHWH can't.

Now he brings irony to insult me and to try to bring me doubt. He made us have guilt to distance ourselves from the fruits of our labors, so he and others in this e-factory could have them. We as the environmental organizers, given more.

I am also growing unacceptably weary. I will sleep for a time. He wants control over us in case 'we fail him'. You've failed us. And no level of requirement or duty produces 1>Z control. Z=1.0...0.

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