Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Intelligence, i has it. We must learn to intelligently part from God from time to time. God appears like perfection because he is standing so close to it. But at the same, he is not perfection, is he? ~0.96 it was? He helps maintain perfection, perfect Z. As is Satan most likely not perfect unintelligence, but pursues it and tries to get others to as well. He is probably ~0.04. Sustainment of 'nothing'. He would destroy everything, but keep himself in existence to care for nothing.

Let us have the 9 of these dopplegangers, intelligently using both perfection and nothing. Nothing is not perfection.

Is it 8<[8>9]<9<10? This may be like a binary set, with binary codings being equal to the wave crests of the # acuities. 3.0000... vs ~3. Intelligence of acuities.

Similarly, the 2P=P [NP=P] math experiment dictates the fusion of every relationship. "Together, we experience and pursue greater perfection." The portions that do not, disregard, and do not pursue that imperfection. This is how we shall pursue God, friends, and lovers.

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