Wednesday, December 26, 2007

When some equality is unintelligently forwarded, it comes to a system of dopplegangers. For example, if a regulating DNA codon is removed from a system the beast will become the extreme of the chemical/electrical form, either 1 or 0.

This comes from an 8>9 serving 10, but also seeing the 10 serve 11 which does not serve 12. These two functions, [8>9]<10, and [10<11]>12. It may be a -11 that our action in Eden was unintelligent and did not serve 12.

It is not necessary for the 8>9<10 to be paired to 10<11>12. When it is, it produces doppleganger effects, for example, a person with no respect for the dead being paired with someone who has utmost respect for the dead.

Eating the apple did not say that 'anything'[all 8] serves Z. It said that humans thought eating the apple served Z. Does human intelligence pale to nothing in comparison to God's? Yes, probably, and this may be the case still. But it does not mean that human intelligence equalled 0, so as to make serving Z equal 0, so as to make human 8 = Z. So as to produce dopplegangers effects. For example, God and Satan, one being Z, the other being entirely anti-Z to live.

Our radiant origin serves Z regardless of the apple. This is true. It is an attempt by Satan to dopplegang God with mankind. If the rules of doppleganging apply everywhere in excess of intelligence, Satan will be doppleganging himself, crushing himself continually.

Satan will do this until he recognizes intelligence, which may be never. When he does, he will see that he is unintelligence, as stated below. He is doomed.

Intelligence is greater than equality, and greater than doppleganging. This is a malvibrated anomaly that must be unsewn from itself, ironically and DG using the knowledge of good and evil. Justice and correction [7] beyond this, 7>[8>9]<10, serving 10, our reality and origin of potency.

This leaves in the middle '8<9' or equal intelligence. Is this the universe trying to say mankind has the intelligence of a God? [That 10 may be served by 8<9.] May our godly intelligence serve us. I would not topple God or his people if it serves Z together, the 12, the increase, the love <3.

...our intelligence eclipses doppleganging. We now seem to be able to move on from a system of unintelligent equality.

Satan may experience pain from being put in his place below Z, and associate this wrongfully with Z and not with himself, who is unintelligence. Fix that -4, that is serve 12. Fx on me are to be 6<7, 3<4. Can Satan change, so that 3>[4]<5? Without abandoning Z>Y>X? It is possible? I believe he cannot.


No, he cannot. He has a P=0.0. His eyes are blind.


A superstructure to reality likely exists, based on the DB theory, creating reality and 'unreality', which may be pure intelligence instead of 'unreality'. This is likely the structure of strings, or strings are the 8 that serve the 9 of this intelligence/'wonder'.

Atop of that there might be a 10, which is realness itself, potency of existence, serving likeness, which would be an infinite uniformity of potency, potencies, forms, and their organization serving progression.

Satan is working an 8>9 when I am writing this because he hates the concept of Z and reality. He views it as a threat because as long as it exists his life is suffering. He is not the opposite of reality, as DG, he is the bottom of reality. The true foundation being the top.

Perhaps this Satan with its non 4 function and bottom status was attracted to earth because God made a non 4 human which he called 0 and part of himself, part of goodness, instead of the unintelligence that Satan is. Satan would be attracted to this to escape his place as unintelligence and bottom, as though by God's authority of creation and Z serving Satan could find himself not being continually destroyed in service of Z. This isn't possible. God should probably restore and help us or differentiate us from these definitions as Satan seeks to use them to no longer be the scum he is, which is impossible. God probably has a clearer definition. It may be so that in creating mankind, God produced what looks like an 8=0 error. Canceling out the difference between mankind and God, which calls itself service to Z, mankind being seen as unintelligence. This would be saying unintelligence is Z, and attract Satan, who would call himself Z.

This system, however, leaks profusely in numerous places where 1!=1, and should be restored to order.

Work with me, God. Either you are not Z, merely serve it and others can also serve it and not be directly serving you, as appears to be the case, or you *are* mankind and yourself, or the unthinkable. You have made us and we are not nothing. Do this math. It equals ~0.96, not 1. God is almost Z. This may be a declining figure after this news. 0.95? I serve Z regardless. I know God serves Z as well. Satan is unintelligence. We as species work to serve Z. Our niche is good, we will increase together and work to increase as our potency says.

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