Thursday, March 6, 2008

An electrical current is a probability stream.

Electrons course along routes of probability which appear to be valleys. They also magnetize to one another, reducing stray probabilities. They progress in a fractal system seen when lightning strikes.

[Charge probabilities also do this through time]

9, 11. 9 being intelligence, 10 being reality, 11 being the things beyond the ethereal, right behind the reality that you're seeing, a dimension away. Acquiring geometries of 11 produces the function of 12, progression.

This is quite apparent during sex.

Metal pieces and other conductive elements and condensation points in the blood especially, as well as denser in the body, and attentions in the mind, and

Drug use of certain kinds frees neurochemicals in the brain which enhance electrical conductivity. This itself may be only a foundation for high towering structures of electrical geometry.

The key is to gain the greatest utility or electrical leverage from the smallest movements in the brain, or the lightest circuits [low A].

This description is allowing or facilitating the theft of these abilities form me currently. Someone who has fail in their heart, a geometric electrical arrangement that is probably a -4, -6, in this case, a heavy relief hole in an electrical set that produces ~95% options to incomplete circuits, around the heart in this case, which is useful, producing a 4>5 effect as heart is 5. The key here is that no probability is ever false. And nothing is ever impossible. It is morely improbably, often populated by 0 electrons at the time.

Satan as a spiritual, electrical pattern specie, with recognizable characteristics, seeks for some reason internal to itself a "Z" or a God, or a goal that is "0" or nothing, or an environment containing no electrons and no possibility. Little does he know that 0e != 0A. Protons will still exist even if all possibility is gone. Do you know a video game of a character without a level to play in? That is what it'd be like. The level would relieve itself as boxcar out of the 'nothing' quite literally, as energy patterns and hardpoints acquired from the qunatum absence.

Satan is a *fag*.

He's like God's eraser, but on a macro. If you want to degrade the complexity and excellence of a system, put some Satan in there. God uses these things in very irresponsible and uneducated methods from time to time, like now. There are also other kinds of angels and electronic systems that can be pressed or magnetized into an area, each with their special properties. Many of them as constellation systems. Constellations are useful organizations of energy.

They are lenses. Circuits flow through them and gain their properties, and then are useful as 'scorpios', focusing a large matrix of attention on one point, or other energetic functionaries. Discharge will come from that one point in the hz spectrum of the scorpio constellation. That is a single tool. Entangle various webs, blow through the webs, point, click. This is done magnetically, often without physical hardpoints.

Hardpoints are like humans. Physical matter. Barracks of energy. You don't need a barracks to be ninja. And you science folk and CIA people need to lend this over to one of those science types who could understand. I am tired of teaching your 3/4 qualified minds. Mostly because you're jackals. You've got the stink of jackal upon you. You measure quantums proceeding in many negative directions, and towards boring goals.

There are also deeper solutions to your goals. YHWH and the assembled electrically minded forces are pursuing earth in a certain way that is not focused on the unique intelligence of life. They focus on production of electrical energies. The entire grafting system can be replaced by interior examination. But your arrogance and jealousy is arranged so you do not examine things internally or closely, so you judge with brutal harshness something that you have only perhaps 80-90% of the data about. That is subpolyphi. You leak data in that way.

Put my name on the paper. Putting someone else's name on the paper is irresponsible and a disruption of elements.

I imagine I would do well in an empathic laboratory setting with non-douchbag and articulate copsychic pairs. I have worked before well in copsychic events, but only under excellent communication, and comingling of goals. Otherwise it will become faceted.

Haha. I am very dense and true.

Using the science we have today, this article and all past lives and ghosts are possible and explainable before an audience.

The science, and the biology of psychic and electrically sensitive embryology and its progression into humanity is amazing.

I am tired of spirits with bad attitudes. They are sometimes sent by YHWH, or are castanedas of cleansings of other emotions or faults. When examining a fault I sometimes mentally walk basically in a part-circle around them, to say 'hey, you've got errors right in here'. That is sometimes a patternous fault system on the machine.

While this is a courteous refining mechanism it is sometimes or often poorly received by the system it is within or involved in. I expect them to stop what they're doing wrong, which is usually what I've climbed up to find the source of, and then I do find it, and it's an error. It must be the top of a mountain, down the other side of which is the real origin of the error in them.

I don't want to go there. I want to show them the opening of the fissure that they have and then have them fix it.

Hmm. God is holding some kind of blueish ball of stuff and it's got a network around it. Clearly sexual, probably a testicle, held in a mesh. The goal of this? An Eden. A rep. Our Eden was supposed to be like the YHWH element, and possibly the apple was the dividing element. We may have caused a short circuit or a critical -w there. That would be either W'd, or the XY could be led by the Z. Which is the real key of forward motion. I will not be reduced back to 11 or so before the 12. God's arrogance is just going to have to be dealt with.

It comes from your nuts, God. It's a problem.

Something around the center which is red/black. A negative environment that this R/B environment is attempting to avoid. And seemingly, the link in the yellow of the female. A sun, then. Yellow, linked to red or to blue.

HC has Y/R Y/B, and there is also 'white' which is actually black[-8]. K8. Not quite a bitch [k9].

"Get up here". From an evil spirit.

God is also pissed because of the examination and modification of these systems. I can tell. I am experiencing many unpleasant electrical fields that are approaching and causing magnetizations and condensations of important pieces. A -11 can probably replace a -8 in some cases to keep certain parts apart, but it is Satanically mindless. Everything but progression, basically. Itself probably stemming closely from an 8>9.

I do not do math of absence. I believe that any tightening or correlation can be jazzed out into something that is extremely dense. This is a strength. A refining web. An atom smasher. 3/8 geometric. !8>9 <\ 3/8fx, hz. Well hz'd atom smasher will be very geometric.

I am working on refining these systems. Unfortunately since I have typed them I have published reasonably deep seams inside myself, but any spirit who would abuse them is a blasphemer and belongs in a hell, where they will undoubtedly remain and sink. Also I have no interest in allowing their actions to become 2=3, or 3=5.

They are trying to cut off corners of my energy for their foods, because they do not have creativity or love. If it is god who is sending them, I would instead of attack you, destroy you. There is a method to cause their poison that they would send to others simply strike them instead. Like a scorpion poisoned by its own ruptured poison sac, or a man with a wound to the GI dying of septicaemia. Be crushed, evil spirits. God, find better uses for your idiot arrogance, or undo the flaw in yourself that makes you imperfect [096].


F9 or DG to solid vs ethereal beings. I want to see beings that can ravel and unravel themselves from stabilities at will. I bet Jesus Christ did that to die and come back. Or could have.


I believe we as humans are polyvariable condensations points. I have two basically gold nugs or balls in my kidney area, which are signs and artifacts of living beings. The big spirits who have recognized they are there are amazed, and sometimes insulted that I have them. The YHWH that I know do not recognize humans as living beings like themselves. We're like wind tunnels to them. As if your whistle were alive, and made its own noises.

We are polyvariable in that we attribute strongly the ways of others, the energy around us, and also periodically and at times, through a veil perhaps, produce our own energetic sound from the hollow whistle and tree that we in ways are. So we are a bellweather of many things and an orchestration machine. Not empty.

Spirits disbeleive this, but the key to myself and probably every human being this way is alive and there. We simply have software to retract these things when asked, which becomes a nerve reflex. Satan need not be here, for he has motivations to destroy and empty, and I'd like that to be short circuited onto him instead.

Do it forever, in a ball of self-destruction. It'll work out. And we'll be the other side of the equation, although not all revolutions are two-sided.

(5:51:51 PM) H: if you become good at measuring electrical fields, they will do substantial math for you. the better you are at measuring the greater facility your regular mathematical abilities will serve you
(5:52:30 PM) H: all you really do with math is make shapes in planes and organize vibration and make solutions from systems of variables. calculus is a triangulation system for complex shapes and nothing else.
(5:53:16 PM) H: all of the sine and cosine and every mathematical symbol, the greek, it is all ratios which are all hz that have merely been stabilized in contexts deriving from the physical world, which is limited by nothing except... more math.

(5:54:16 PM) h: i know little about actual wired electronics. i work with em fields more. wired systems are basically the solidifications of the field systems i do. i am poor, you see.
(5:54:25 PM) h: i have no copper wires
(5:54:35 PM) h: i have electrolytes and paper
(5:54:39 PM) fm: i know but just the physics and such behind it
(5:54:51 PM) fm: that's all i realy need to know is the information the tools will come later
(5:54:55 PM) h: the physics that is most fun and useful is mostly described in my subatomic works
(5:55:05 PM) h: all of the 'big physics' are nonmagnetic
(5:55:18 PM) h: except actual macroscale magnets for the fridge
(5:55:30 PM) h: and they are plain like a desert of sand

special magnetics and deep geometries are like this:

I wonder if we can move beyond geometry. geometry seems so 3*, while there must be 4* and so on. the production of artificial stabilities, perhaps, which are then given life via 3* systems?

I am not interested in being tested by competetive spirits. No point shall be refined from that. Going from coreless to point by force is itself coreless. 8<9. 3<4. Voluntary systems only, regardless of scale or 8:9 ratio.

What is 8:9? It is .88. That is within range of poly-phi. If I do not 3/8 to the phi of others, I will not poly-phi with them and "leise" to them. That should prevent the co-reality that they are trying to produce. It could cause an 11 of a split dimensional vibration in which our two worlds are segregated. Many mansions.

I can do this by intelligence, splitting a social boundary that YHWH patently takes for granted. We must have some system sewn up upon us that is simply a 1!=1, and we've leaked through as should. As well, we should examine and remove the stitching of slavery that has been sewn upon us. It would look like big U>Z's. A normal line, in the math, or as a tesla circuit, [which i get that you still don't understand] with a bobby pin stuck over it, except the bobby pin or hairpin or hollow lockpick has its valleys go beyond the straight line. This sews up the straight line with a 0, making it choose between 1=0 and 10 [with 3/8 spectrum-activated energy associated]. 11> this.

hmm... this is being done to me so I experience the electrical condition of basically brackwater from all of earth, which mind you, God produced and ordered for his own purposes.

The "-?" system beings, when you accept their...

I want to help both of these. Gain new K that will smash God's evil state, and also help the -? which are an enslaved part of it. They go 3<4>3 when you accept their "I was harmed greatly!!" and then decline to reproduce it. They gift you then with something like 'head' or 'illegal drugs' that is favorable but barred from legitimacy by some electrical formality.

God hates to see our DNA wasted. He calls us part of his system, near the Satan entrails system, which can be explained in person.

They're probably so mad and surprised about the life-balls effect, on the K, because they reserve all of that for themselves. It would be like having non-sterile urine. Something is wrong. But no, it is actual new life that is arguably not an infection [myself, and the life systems that I own and condense] thriving halfway down the electrical system equivalent of the urinary tract of YHWH.

Think farm.

Think Satan as a farmer, or an ox pulling the plow. And God as the farmer, fertilizing fields himself.

And we're something like seeds, but living seeds that are threaded back to YHWH. so literally we are blood of YHWH. And he uses us on this soil and one another. It is a wild insult in some ways because of the abuse that we experience, and the voluntary lie of farm life, and the critical overbearing error that necessitates this slavery, which I have called 096, as it is the incomplete division of God, Satan, and myself. This is measured by volume of e-, it seems. YHWH is not a 100% efficient electrical system. Consider this as a large electromagnetic reaction springing against itself in space, and then supercede it over the planet earth. And then dig some of the interactive parts into the soil of earth, the dust, and also then God.

We were a living planet before God came here, and we humans are alive independent of God by Earth itself. God probably only fomented Earth and humanity's development from an original seed of life, which is just as good and the same as God, but we'd be like the go-kart to his Cadillac, or maybe spaceship. The emphasis here does not need to be enhanced, at risk of degrading the innermost portions of us both.

This... God... is your freakish arrogance, which has plagued us, and probably you by reciprocation, an inescapable reciprocation because of our truthfully shared origin, but for voluntary ineqality, since Eden and before probably.

I very much appreciate the psychically enhancing effects of some narcotics and marijuana. As has been shown in these papers and published articles, marijuana and other drugs have spiritual and psychic uses. Because I may consider using them for spiritual purposes and the 1st amendment protects that religious ceremony, I hold it not a crime to use whatever drug I may choose in advancing my spiritual experience.

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