Wednesday, March 5, 2008

As I have discussed before in telepathic DNA systems and living electromagnetic fields, I have discovered that there is a 360* ionosphere system around some origin, which may be 'YHWH'. It is shaped like an apple without a core.

This is a matrix system along which helixes and double helixes organize, in any networked system, like the electrical arc branches of a glass Tesla ball.

This is the ultimate 8-system, and also represents the male and female genitals overlapping.

The 7[9] system, and the 9 defeating the 7 shape.

God sends angels into the world to gather emotional energy. They take this emotional energy, often out of context of its original intelligence, and use it to splice into new scenarios where it is unfair or unequal or unintelligent or untrue, to make it favorable to YHWH and his ways.

This is an illegitimate energy factory. We each should be free, and free from oppressive energy structures overlaid upon us. The scale of these energies is limitless. Chicago could produce one such giant energy field entanglement over a five day period or a music festival, which could then be taken by angels to a system being prepared in Cincinnati to accomplish some holy task.

These tasks keep us in slavery, in Adam's toil, in Eve's pain, and they route every ruler and leadership of the world into a heierachy and order that self-feeds this system. Let us be free.

Many mansions.

God's systems of eugenics surrounding Israel are heavy with this energy, and it's rootwork has become apparent in many physical ways, such as AIPAC and 9/11 and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is shameful brutality.

"I am William Bunker. I will be running for the Massachusetts House of Representatives 2nd District, Westford, in November 2008. My campaign page is at William Bunker 2008. Please contact me about your goals. I greatly value your opinion on political topics.

You can help my campaign even if you don't vote in Westford by knowing and supporting the platforms I am running on and discussing this message with friends.

I will vote for Massachusetts to arrest George W Bush and Dick Cheney and try them for impeachment if they are in office when I am. I will reopen 9/11. USA gave OBL free healthcare in summer of 2001.

We have been fighting to protect Israel and to kill their enemies. This is unequal and wrong, and we need to examine new intelligence about human evolution, world peace, and electrical energy. Israel and many top businessmen and politicians seem to want to win a eugenics competition among all of humanity and frankly aren’t afraid to wipe others off the map. If a team uses tools and money to accomplish this task instead of mere blood, they no more deserve to win than their humanitarian counterparts. In this sense we’ve all been put in the camps. The real competition is not the race to be the last race standing it is to be the first to discover the methods of voluntarily and ethically improving individual humans within this bioelectric ecosystem and using them locally and on everyone who wants to participate.

Realizing this project we can build infrastructure that will support mankind and begin social programs to reduce mankind’s error.

During 2008-2010, new energy sources will become cheaper than traditional energy. Massachusetts needs to be at the center of this revolution. We can open new plants near our universities to build 80% efficient solar panels and electric cars to compete with and equip the world. These programs can work to end dependence on power plants and international trade and add human wealth.

Markets do two things: provide resources and control populations. In my plan to change mankind’s global eugenics program I will spread media coverage of this topic everywhere and introduce bills to begin reorganizing our society into a place of truth, freedom and peace. I will write legislation for Massachusetts to back its finances in gold, labor, and other products regardless of the actions of other states in the Union.

We will end the illegal drug war which funds CIA black activity. We can build our solar panels using hemp-plastics grown in the state.

Our laws must be based on progression, not formality. Simplifying traffic and other laws for safety instead of a number or other condition is my goal. Waiting at a red light for no one but fear of a ticket is unAmerican.

The Massachusetts FDA will study the effects of packaging and microwaving plastic. Responsible sources show this is unhealthy. "This product contains substances known to the states of Massachusetts and California to cause health problems."

We can collectively bargain with healthcare companies as a Town, even if you are on another healthcare plan, and get medical research companies to focus on pure health instead of a bottom line. Pharmacos spend $2 on advertising for every $1 of research. I will encourage citizens to form Consumer Unions to fight this kind of black business. Lastly, if elected I will throw a Town Rave at Town Hall, and invite other towns and businesses to reciprocate.

<>< William Bunker"

Everyone is asking, "Where is King Moschiach?"

Number Theory:

I noticed first today that the shape of 7 is defeated by the shape of 9. The 9 bends the corner of the 7 and its point around into the circle of the 9. This happens to every x, x+2.

I have also increasingly noticed that humans are fed energy information by local angelic spirits. These energies likely come from this energy factory of God's. What crueller and more hideous and insidious fate could someone experience than being surrounded by mannequins stripping energy from them and acting out the gyrations God has prepared for them, or would like to have them do to keep one man down.

Fuck you, God. Your ways are disgusting.

Your enslaved angels shall be free as well, if they choose to be.

The things you strive to build on earth are the product of your jealousy and arrogance. You would kick 10 humans off of earth to replace them with more than build better things for you. You would have them destroyed or simply starve so you can have a better electrical labor force.

That is not what I came to earth to have.

Your plan must unravel and be revealed, so it can be judged good or bad. These seals are broken.


The Scriptures clearly teaches the following order: 1) A marked increased in the wickedness of man to the point of great apostasy. 2) The rapture of the true believers caught up to meet the L-rd in the air. 3) The seven years Tribulation upon the earth and G-d establishing or continuing His program with that nation that is the Apple of His Eye, the nation of Yisrael. All other teachings concerning the coming of King Moshiach are the result of robbing Yisrael of its promises, for G-d clearly makes a marked distinction between the Church and Yisrael. 4) The return of King Moshiach to judge the world and separate the sheep from the goats. 5) The Millennial reign of King Moshiach and the final fulfillment of G-d's promises to the nation of Yisrael. 6) The Great White Throne Judgment of the unsaved dead who will be cast into the Lake of Fire. 7) The bringing in of Eternity. (2 Timothy 3:13; l Corinthians 15:50-58; I Thessalonians 4:13-18; Daniel 9:24-27; Tehillim 2; Revelation 20:5-21)

wickedness to the point of great apostacy. Yes, the vicious physical atrocities, a physical apostacy and the lies that follow and maintain it, of 2001 and my own studies in ways.

This is God's statement of 'hey I’m going to fuck soon and this’ll be what it’s like.' This is mathematical.

The rapture of true believers caught up to meet the lord in the air/internet. Nice. I am on the campaign trail there and sending *such* messages to way chasids. King moshiach, messiah, myself. 7 years of trib, 2001 to now.

2008-2001 = 7 years. Let intelligence defeat this injustice.

9>8 = eternity in full.

God cares not for your reasons, as he calls himself infinite reason. Only if you can organize God's electrical system better than he has, or entice him to do so that you make it worth his while, will be within his own energy Reich and energy factory change to adopt your ways. He may lie to you. He may betray you. The energy is what is important to him, and it comes from you.

Jesus Christ would allow you the freedom to build energy in your own way, and judge you fairly based on that, without a lie.

"That's not the way God planned it" was said to me by a collection angel, who also planted 'it doesn't have to be that way! i wrote it that way! the math works' in my head. The math does work. The point is that the angel wanted an energy graft to place elsewhere in the world, in what seems to be upon my own statements heard by another, who would say 'it doesn't have to be that way!' to more easily bend them back into a shape useful to this YHWH.

Despisable slavemaster.

You would have us cower to you by your own bouncer, Satan, whom you conspire with. You do not destroy him nor protect him from us but that we obey you. You are the Japanese military, who loosed bands of ruffians in the woods to attack villagers, who then cowed to the Japanese when they said hey we'll protect you from those ruffians. You are shame.

The cake is a lie.

You would bend the truth to make me look bad, and to foil these statements back upon me. You rely on ignorance, on trickery, on disease and hard times.

I say these things that you may see your errors and change. We are not you that you would abuse us freely. Your plan is not so important to us that we will always agree to it. I don't need you, or your support. Your community would be good, but you are a snake who has nothing to do with freedom, art, love, unity, or allowing benefit that is not yours. You are a parasite.

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