Sunday, March 2, 2008

YHWH, who helped organize our DNA, calls himself a key part of our reproduction and demands energy tribute from us for our life, and eventually our death.

We do not owe these spiritual monsters our deaths. We can and will survive without them and they will either die or enclave a small group of humans somewhere on earth upon which to feed.

They are a parasite and do not provide the true desire of life. They seek to gather amperage. The particle at their core is wrong. They serve the collection of magnetism, which they have rigged us to cultivate and surrender, and other fields around us to stimulate and collect.

Life has been made loss.

The internal organization of these spirits is fault. 1!=1 is in their hearts. They would make themselves your masters. They are the ways of the world. They are the evil inhuman puppeteers behind every empire and gang. They are both 'good and evil' and a disgusting thing.

-14 them, as their core is a falsehood, and they rely on infinity and trickery and weakness that they stimulate to survive. They would place enmity between friends. They would attack friends. They would sabotage and weaken their allies to drain resources from them. If these things are lies let them be known. They do not love in truth.

The love that they have is for themselves, and not for you.

"How wide the divide in our greater Utah community is manifest by an imaginary situation in which a Roman Catholic and a Latter-day Saint decide to convert to the other's religion. In such a case, both churches would require rebaptism. Each considers itself the sole legitimate holder of divine authority. The pathway to heavenly salvation for both is a series of ordinances and rituals. For the Catholics, it is most of their Seven Sacraments; for the LDS, baptism, confirmation, ordination, endowment and sealing. In order to live with God in the Heavenly City, one must undergo these rites performed by an authorized representative of God."

To be baptized in love is the way of Jesus. To be baptized in a genetic and magnetic contract is the way of Yahweh.

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