Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A bigger hammer is *nothing*.

The very largest assault that could be launched against someone, electrically or physically or socially or mentally, is not superior to one speckle of intelligence. Truth is better than any gross violence or an attack.

Angels have frequently been sent to lie to me or to coerce me into doing or wanting things that I don't particularly want or which aren't true, or which are very against what I want or obvious lies. They do this to pressure me, and probably every human, into doing things that they wouldn't normally want to do.

Since we crease like sagging wheat stalks we have an arrogance about us where we say we never crease. And infrequently we do. And we always hate it. It is going against what we want for ourselves. The mechanisms to do it are at a juncture of many variables, a bottleneck, which we are weak against. They are deadlines, the threat of death, sometimes ridicule, confusion, a desire to be great and reproduce and be loved and to love and achieve our goals, and believe we are progressing towards these things, and to feel that way. Pursuing these goals often brings us compromise, and the stalk bends.

We should never have to bend like that. Someday we won't.

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