Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This is a fix.

You spread energy, that it may serve 12/Z everywhere. The virus takes it. Your intention is to serve 12/Z in or out of the virus, which is 14. They can't be 14, so they retract, and then you fill the place they left with e- and do the serve 12/Z, and it heals everything that I can recognize.

Does the original e- from the virus get taken? That's not awesome. That is -11. 14 that in yourself. 13 = a test. A D&D adventure and little more, because you wake up into the 14.

Try this. Yes, the virus lifts considerably. Will it be crushed. It's going +-, get it now. W that. And do the 12/Z. But what to spread the energy into? Goodness of the world. God, there's a node of some kind that was exposed or is a decoy. 19? 20? I hope to get into some special magnetic esoteric regions and remove the hideous curses on the world of this virus. Humankind will change, and the world will become better.

I am hoping this evil crap will just be lifted suddenly and then the place will go energy-nuts, and things will change rapidly. These cursesand quotas and virus-triggers are -11q. Serve 12. Serve it with the 14.

Each # is a joint or union of energy along and otherwise presumed Z-pathway.

The presumption that 'everybody who does x' is worthy of being reviewed by macrovirus is fault. God, that does not serve Z.

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