Monday, January 28, 2008

Some products produce signal antagonistic to anything that would remove them. Some alien implants produce this field and are very good at not being detected or removed. This concept can be defeated by >8 tech. That implant is not equal to you, even if it is technically alive. It steals the focus of attention, attention mechanics, and shifts it. 12 through that, by choice. I should not have to use choice to overcome 7>8, or 8>9. Those things should be defeated by natural law. Where is the 1!=1? Where is the cashflow out? That is the problem, not the need for something greater to come around.

Find it. The "ask" alone is a cashflow. Behind that is some tiny bubble system of "I don't know" although that is a lie. It's an unflattering replica right next to the real thing.

Their own curiosity should kill them. Let's organize a system to kill or cash-out the aliens by taxing their curiosity into our private affairs. It's a 4>3 system. They have a failing 3, it will serve us in 4. Simplified down to a process of 4>3 > 7>8, 8>9. This gives us 4>9, where 4 contains 9 already, or 10 to be 10>9, or another concept to replace 9, or 8. 4>8. 0>8. They are satanic, like the 0>8 defeating monster, Satan. 0>8 is not -11q.

"No, do nothing."

"< z". "< Z". there is no "z". "z" = Z.

Some spirits who use the mini-Z, they are trying t produce automatic overrides to the Z. But the *real* Z will always be there, better. Even if someone denies their own authority they have made that order to themselves.

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