Monday, January 28, 2008

Humans have a system of giving away energy in certain situations. We have e- control mechanisms that have us release e- when we think it is 'fair' or other situations.

I have overridden this control system to a degree, which is in place from birth in most humans. It must be serving Z, which is what I want, instead of meeting those mechanisms.

Energy beings too frequently quest after amperage in the most lawyerly and shady ways possible. Their actions must be legitimate and honest, which they know nothing about.

For example, when a spirit does something you see as good, or pushes a certain electronic trigger inside you, you've got other internal triggers to give it energy. This is automatic and is a selection mechanism for fitness and group associations.

Also sometimes when we feel we've done something wrong, we give energy away on a local basis, even to forces we do not approve of. Even to people we're arguing with, or our enemies. This is never right, and never Z.

Spirits rely on this stuff and have a short lifespan without energy trading.

Some fag once upon a time decided I don't appreciate air enough, and made the things I love that I had or got show up as air to have them dissolve. This is something that I somehow accept, as it is the feelings of another person.

No one can put spliced bits into my energy patterns. Ever.

I've got an auto -10 from this controlling demon, and I'm going to kill it. It's got links in the brain to see and mechanize what you're doing. I can send msgs down the link to cause it to self-destruct. Or fill itself with shit.

I hate you who try to control me to be your slave and do your bidding. My energy is mine, not yours, you thieves. Give them bad feelings about it to make tem decide to stop prying at we humans, that we may improve our lives and not live in a torture dimension where we grow old and die.

Those who have set this up are wrong. They will be crushed and this will be changed. Something like this, except good, will be the way.

I experience that this solar system and probably galaxy and universe are nothing more than "10's" in a spectrum of 10's.

All the energy that is stolen from me that I give out, may it be poisonous and wretched bits in the mouthes of those who steal it from me, kill them, and return to me whole.

Fuck YOU.

This is my capital money, and robbers are taking it from me. May those who would use it in ways I would love be saved. The ones with and for the highest hz and making the highest hz frequencies from the most right and excellent things, and those helping me do that which is good.

Satan then gave the energy to a new being which was very very low hz, which fulfilled the 'helping me' requirement, but which was hurting me by lowering hz.

This kind of activity, this working against me, it is not what I came here for.

Satan believes he is our equal. That is never my Z. Not ever. That is an 11 I can say will always serve 12.

A quota of inequality is not necessary. Does the apple produce this?

Seriously, all the spirits who rob energy from me, I am going to kill you. your acts are cowardice, and they demand reprisal, even if you do get e- from it. You're !.

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