Monday, January 14, 2008

"Do you not feel the original hey nice thanks? It's probably misrouted down by the -T/-P. Then a 'what do you want' auto-answer, which is weird, but cycling which I enjoy. Not social, though. Very making of ADD. A lot of this is probably traceable to various fixations and ADD. The body contains many electrical sensitivity points and circuitries, with internal switches in the form of chemicals and hormones."

Many functions occur because of non-consentual error of by field harassment. A kind of momentary 'when in Rome' that doesn't indicate real consent nor desire, but the em field is allowed to pop over a rootwork of true desire. It also has little to do with intelligence or logic, as we are strongly guided by that system physically and ideologically, but a field structure to rep that physical and ideological system is more tenacious. This should be a 1wv of pressure slapping instead of a change, or an indulgence of 'whatever' without real authority, as 13, ruled by 14.

For example, when a strong negative em field is in the area and wants something badly it tickles in a certain way, but that ticklishness is not currency nor authority. It is just a pressure. Maybe a loop. A 3<4, where the 3 does not produce 4 nor is it sustained. This would defeat and desolidify evil fields.

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