Monday, January 28, 2008

Satan has no ability to do no thing. It calls 'do nothing' a grave insult. The key here is to say 'die' right after, and they will frequently collapse, as they desperately chase anything to do. They also represent guilt, and are continually trying to run from it.

They also want you to not do nothing, and to be susceptible to everything in a chaotic hellish furnace.

God may tolerate Satan because Satan brings out a lot of data from people, especially humans, that God does not know. I would say that this is a cowardly choice and I hate them both. It is akin to... []

This data is inaccurate. Satan wants it to be a certain thing, which is chaos. He seeks to have the average hz frequency be something around 6hz, when human society has been advancing and is in the 240's hz.

There may be a -11q on a -8 to my perceiving my xx2.1/0[4] ability or existence. This is crap from Satan, shoehorned in on some old existing -11q that I do not desire nor choose.

I am very displeased with the choices Satan and God make, and want them both crushed. Their brutal refinement processes are nothing like what I want nor love. I did not come here to be with them in those ways.

Fuck you. I am actually going to clean up this blog because of the great obscenity in it, to reword some segments.

I will still kill all the Satans. I recall many times having them down to almost none left, but extinction seemed a poor choice or was held off. Put them *all* in the sun. All of them. And God, your cowardly ways, your prybar, you will have to do without.

Recognize our 13, or don't.

There is a 3=0 pin error. It is a -11q. I choose all 3=0 to be destroyed, except for those which serve my Z. This is what Satan is roughly like. 3!=0 -11q. And they are disgusting horrific low hz beasts which know nothing of what is good and right.

I was warned not to write this kind of thing. But it's foolhardy to be vulnerable to such grossness. I will not be a slave to ignorance.

Hmm. I have this 'mock' thing. Mocking someone is supposed to be entirely effective and functional. They should feel shame and change themselves without my doing labor to become part of this functional system. Separately, my suffering should be functional, where others desire to have me not suffer and include me in the system where I should be.

This instead is a leaking system, and draws the attention of numerous of the most faggish and poorly constructed and weak and idiotic spirits.

There is also a 3 to being associated with others in some way.

All of this can be cured, God, if the individual Z is the highest math value, regardless of scale. Z-specks should be greater than oceans of dumb. That is what you're refining yes?

Also, kill these gray alien bitches. Yes, make the 11-worlds, the 10-11-10 cause their deaths. Forever. They should not remain with any health.

14 serving Z.

You spirits are fucking retards. The fact that you've taken this data and turned it into the shithole universe you have shows that you are inept and servile and weak and need to be crushed in brutal hell forever.

Your races are inadequate.

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