Saturday, January 19, 2008

I have been attacked by the ways of others spiritually. The things they say are "3"'s. My own gear and their gear interact to form futures in ways. Our combination, any combination, is a 3. The 3 is the triangle, unit in chemistry for power. A combination observed is 3+2. It is a potential.**

I have had enough of Satans or 0Z spirits baiting me as though to have me be a false god or accept false worship. Your idiotic assertations and bribe attempts and accusations do nothing but enhance the ill communication between us.

The baskets on humans containing our records of energies, which your compatriot species instances have helpfully left, but examples of which of the various sort I am thinking of are none, should be examined. These are the books of life, are they not?

It would be funny to say you don't know us from Adam. How unsavory. Use these baskets *correctly* filling them with truth only, and ask God not to use them for 0Z.

I could denature them among all mankind. Surely god would do something to restore them or knowledge of sorts. I would do this only to enhance the fairness and truth of mankind. Who is here to argue for mankind's liberation? I see no one. I am fighting Satan, who works for God, and I am arguing with God and these spirits.



" Cosmic strings are predicted by high energy physics theories, including superstring theory. This is based on the idea that particles are not just little points, but tiny vibrating bits of string Cosmic strings are predicted to have extraordinary amounts of mass - perhaps as much as the mass of the Sun - packed into each metre of a tube whose width is less a billion billionth of the size of an atom. "

If the strings were entirely dense, they might have that kind of mass. but they are products of area magnetics, and are Tesla circuitry, and only probably about as dense as an atom itself, if that dense. This makes them considerably less massive, and able to form over long distances basically in an instant of association, anywhere they can be sustained in the field they are encountering.

This brings me to the 3+2=5 element. If the 2 is not confirmed by the other source, regardless of its strength it will not become the change. This measure is probably effective somehow in forging of supertensile alien metals. I also recall seeing many 8's of purples and blues, and a 9 of some sort. I wrote it down months ago.

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