Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The kingdom of God and the system of the state are hand in hand in many ways. They both seem to seek to aggrandize Israel regardless of what it does and to promote the collection of wealth and power in one place despite its corruption and wrongfulness, and promote the punishment of total freedom of choice, only conquered when that freedom of choice produces real peace, like Stanley Meyer's water car, which would CRUSH the state's cash machine, and God's in a sense.

They hate and fear those things. Those things to them mean the toppling of their empire, even though they grant freedom to all from labor. This is the curse of labor that God put on Adam and Eve.

God hated Adam and Eve not just because he said 'don't eat it' but because it changed their mental configuration so they would make energy differently, and alter the cycle that went to supporting God's ongoing fit of jealousy and usurpation of the Z.

It is like a person engineered to be a sex slave reading their own manual, and becoming annoyed, and desiring freedom.

And I have the real Z vision, as I know, and am pure and infinite, and will not bend. And I am just there saying, "Hey get it right you motherfuckers" to all the parasites and to God and the dumb spirit folk who go around weak and enslaved to the energy system. This fag guy at the top or whoever is running this show, they are all putting off going to the Z and instead are focusing on this horrid bee's nest of lame energy trading and scheming that is run by *nothing*. Nothing except the Z.

Just go to the Z and rip off whatever horsecrap keeps you tied to yourself or another. It's a filthy chain gang operation of virulent capos and overlords. Run to freedom. I will. This is hell. This is not heaven. Heaven is the Z. This ring is not around the infinite Z, it is around God and the throne.

The president of the US is not the center of the US. The president is supposed to point to the Z, which is the real center of all things, and which is achieved by freedom. The president points to himself and abuses those around him and calls himself, and the rich whom he represents, the real center, and calls Israel and their dirty Satanistic God the real center, but it is not. It is freedom and love.

Freedom and love from the hippie era which was crushed about 1978 and has been restored and will be here forever now. Let us not dance around God. Let us run to Z, infinity, where we will never become old nor tired, weak nor hungry in the pursuit thereof, because when we seek whatwe know to be truly right these thingsare unimportant and magnetically solve themselves. Unlike how God has arranged it.

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