Sunday, January 13, 2008

I have often wondered what it is God is jealous of.

I've been sorting through many gross and also some ancient misunderstandings the spirits of this world and God via them have had about what I meant by important events.

I also suspect that Jesus will return and prevent folk from being slaughtered in a mass cull which is being prepared by the world's elite. That or it will happen and then we'll be in the utopia and among the universal planets.

I believe those who would be culled can be refined out or up instead of killed or starved or warred or diseased out. Those methods are terribly unclassy and threatening to the entire population.

This seems to be something that many spirits do not even know. I find that unsettling. I have also been timid about things that spirits may do when they find data like this or more important. I am going to progressively disclose more information of this sort, hopefully and eventually to the benefit of the good forces of the world. Do not produce this human cull. It is unethical and unpleasant. We may be powerful enough to do as I have described instead of a sudden or even protracted systemic elimination. Take it as they come, and release technology required to remove threats of population and militancy. Release technology also sufficient to overcome protest and deviancy through normal review.

Hmm. The sticking point here is between protest and deviancy. I will examine the real threats to this. I am a CIA-level psychic. It might be easy to involve me. I invite you to do so. Fitness is important to me. Your machines and colleagues may help my studies. I may help elucidate or enhance your programs. I'd call that fitness.

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