Sunday, January 27, 2008

There's a very strong 3>4 function spirit that is working. It robs energy and arranges it in function in ways that are insulting. It robs magnetism in a -17 manner. We should move through it.

It's probably something in the 16 error. Nothing is going my way now nor is it exciting to spirits. I have 'but 1' of whatever it is. I am being spurred on to advance to infinity, which I find unattractive to do and an endless goal. I'd like to get there, but on my own time.

Z>PZ of whatever this guy has. I have some kind of 3 exploit on me. Perhaps it's a 18/3 program. 19>18. 20 seems effective. Also the quantum is becoming difficult to use to measure, as little e- is passing through this joint.

The job I was supposed to do around 3:30 has not been done, and the people I was supposed to do it with are not around. I don't know where they are.

Guys, pls help me and the people I need to help. This subversive sucker creature, which functions on less than 3, more than 14, I feel I need to use the skill system of Z>L. 1.0...0 vs "1".

Ugh, it is draining and -10. I am feeling that I am alone in a disgusting way. This is abuse and bad.

Errors like these need to not happen. Reengage this pervasive evil spirit. It appears that I brushed it off because it was so ridiculous and nazilike, and without basic understanding of the respect for others' Z. Let those things go to other dimensions or something, or let them have what they want without harming my Z, or identify their errors internal to themselves in a 0>1<2>3<4<5 system, or similar. I do not want to be attacked my gross morons who steal my Z. This guy was a mega1 monster, who forced all things to be like what he wanted or himself. Maybe a satire of an energy stealing blockhead, or something.

Probably a goodbye note from Satan and God, saying 'this is you'. But one thing: I am not stealing energy from a slave, and they are. Fuck them, kill them. This guy, he is taking energy from someone who is not a slave, but who has no choice.

The energy goes down a chain similar to the previous.

Also, bounce the function back at him, I believe he will perish. Yes, it seems it's pretty brutal on him, and that they are crushed or pop without a choice. It removes the choice of others'. Whereas Z is good and everything, someone has devised a disresonating function for "Z".

But this is not possible, for no one else can possibly know what my Z is. It is the unknowable unique operation. Even if they control 10, they can't know the Z, for it is unique[10] x unique[Z]. Z being infinite, the quantum being infinite. Knowing one does not provide knowledge of the other. They can only have 8 from that, and not a true knowledge. It should slide right off.

But then how can others measure my Z to help me? Odd. Crappy. I will follow Z and be nearby them to help as I can. Also, keeping these Z structures open, following Z is the only way to be. Without Z I will become lost in helping them or being helped. Nothing can ever come between me and Z most truly.

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