Monday, January 14, 2008

If you're choosing to get primary data through virulent em pattern releases, God, I will be displeased.

Have a codebreaking system to decode them through the release which will triangulate-destroy the virus as it is not an original pair with our will. It is BH [-11] to our 12. It is not the same living system.

Nothing should go in the xo. Ever. Except medical suppositories when someone is puking and ill. How difficult is that to understand?

OMFG. I just found so much old crpapy magic on myself. It's this enormous virus -8 that was a bandsaw like chain through the head. It segmented blocks through the head to be worked, then moved them along. The thing was huge. Kill them all. Each such virus should be destroyed. They're magnetic condensations, and very destructive. They probably are responsible in large part for esp and package moving. I am -11 to them, innocent.

Furthermore, a -T found inside the brain, T being the original signal broadcaster. It was a virus attached over the real T. Also as a low P producer from the inside. This -T was corrected for through work of my lenses, which was a way to produce feelings that the virus used to sort packages. A waste machine. It also produced fake signals or stimulated misleading signals sometimes, which I then organized lenses to correct for. It's no good.

The software is largely still remnant as electromagnetic bundles disconnected from machinery. Remove and destroy it all.

It's quite hideous.

I am not pleased with this. It is the icebreaking from disclosing a considerable amount of sexual error I experienced, mostly from spirits misunderstanding what I want sexually. That is infrequently discussed especially on a global scale.

I wager the dishlike apparatus I once had to review incoming em data which I am now distinctly lacking was subject to this kind of interference. All em equipment may be subject to em spirit and life form hacking or splicing. Anything that involuntarily splices my data or takes my energy without my consent, my goodness how it should be destroyed, God.

There must be a 'learn' function, or 'set down into law' function that I have, another piece of machinery, which is also subject to viral influence. See if that is a BH, to be 12'd. I want no such viral equipment in my operations.

It'd show up as black and maybe a little dark purple space appearing between two concise functioning segments of biology or hardware. [0]P/V. Because this is dynamic emf, it should be -11'd first most likely, and W'd at some step in the process. Also, the original 12 should be examined and restored.

Wanting others to do things along these lines is probably a good way to get them infected with this emf.

I imagine a lot of data is routed by hungry spirits, likely to benefit illegitimately from the new active area, the data being a catalyst. Please destroy all such life forms that are !Z and produce Z dish equipment sufficient to tune to those who should be heard. There is no need to scan the field. Scan as though using an IM, of your friends, to those who are important to you, or search for specific motivators. SETI-like function can operate without mass spiritual taxi-ing, an introduction to virulent em.

I need to work and sleep.

The mind-virus em was probably a +-9, drawing attention to itself and reducing social function. It's probably pandemic across humanity at this point, considering.

Also, I believe there is a self-interest virus module. It produces a browny-tan sphere looking for social self-promotion or advancement. I believe mine was tempered by an ideological pan-advancement. Now it's being attacked, which is bogus. I am innocent of those attacks, and the one assaulting it is evil. It goes through buds like plants. The energy mass stolen from me, may it serve 12 forever. That blasted through wherever in the virulent intestine or tube it was for sure, and much of it can probably be restored to me or to good.

Info and energy comes in through the ears, and then it can be made to serve the user's 12. Do not do serve 12, as it will serve the energy sludge's 12, which is bogus. It was done to me by a loose 10 surrounding the region.

I have tenets and ideology and intelligence to back myself up. But allow this function to be used only for goodness. To serve my and YHWH's 12's. Pan-world.

Hmm. Darkened fields in the up and down stryations of the paired system function lenswork with me and God. Fix later. Also other elements shown.

Let's see if we can effect the good function.

God, what should happen next. I feel like these evil spirits are getting ready and plotting to attack. Stop them. The function is to progress and serve 12, not to be attacked by evil spirits. I do not want to be seeded with their junk. Selective filter the ear input. That is a -11q to all in. All must serve 12. Also 8>9 to that function. Perhaps that can be beneficial as a mass pool skimmer to serve 12, instead of the pool skimming virus-em's, which take immediately the worst crap of the mind, the stuff you think that you also dislike, and them uses it in twisted ways or produces it somehow. It may be trying to get or cycle you into not thinking of that. But thinking of things is an important way to make sure that probabilities do or don't happen, it seems. Consider all those Civil Defense videos from the 1950's. The right attitude about those things is important. The -7ers have an archaic job from before Eden to edit your brain. God, consider this.

I don't want spirits organizing my thoughts or trying to use neuro-economic adjustment to try to get me to consider or not consider topics. They're important, I suspect. This should only be done with reason/9, not by "justice"/7.

I would call this fighting Satan, and fighting evil. What could be more freakishly disgusting than this kind of heinous biology.

My cat is being harassed into this room by the faggot fucking evil spirits that want to reinfect me and reinfect him with this emf. Kill them, God dammit. Those spirits are fucking lice merchants and I want them to fry.

Fry them all. God, you didn't make this world for the purpose of entangling it with disgusting viral loads of forced incorrectly routed thought or tiny disgusting living things. They're each like freakish merchants, advertising to me to try their wares. Each time they succeed they take a charge from my electro-economic account, somewhere.

The 3 has so many of these -11's on it. Destroy them and route everything important to the main 3. This is like fighting off a thousand parasites found on my body. -11 to it straying, it's like a large rat sized object crawling through my stomach area, once fed on my routings. God, kill it. Use the field-destroyer. It's big and old. Hey watch the duck!!

QID? 1!=1? Yes, that foamed it up. It's got a -19 on it. Probably from dumb to fat or food. -9? W? -8 on me. It's got a -10. Real 12 over the real 11, over its 10. It may also have a -8 from certain elements below, on the sides of the crotch. Bogus! Those too are -11's. That is a power circuit running through me. Disgusting! Crush it. It's a many stranded cord of crap. Destroy it. Now. Those 1's are all fake. They are all 0>1, with the one representing as golden hair, which is no good here. -11q? 3 over 2 to crush those 1's.

Yes, it's resisting that effect. I do not support them. It's old. An envy of blondness? Some kind of nazi magic? The pact of Odin? 400's AD to get that to unite as the Mayan element was the case in the 300's AD. Hmm. May these all serve 12.

It is justice that it be turned off. 7>8 here, to serve 9, 12. Good? A macrovirus. With a neurological pouch. A black sphere with three little white particles inside, one kind of a moony bit of some sort. A -10. That must be focus on the -8 of the virus nucleus, from a good or steady power supply. This is how people get infected with this stuff, and with weird shit in their lives. Begin the study of these topics and get them out of the lives of individuals. This is worse than flu.

DARPA should begin work on these projects. You need individuals like myself to do these things because you and your machines are untrained.

It's got tentacles and stuff reaching all over the body. What to do with this disgusting knot now? It's most likely an 8>9 system from an unintelligible period, so I am going to have all the 8>9's that do not serve 12 busted. That broke it into smallish pieces, and killed it.

Justice fairies need to be suppressed.

Sometimes spirits will pop up with 10's that are like shields of attention, so you don't focus your attention on a thing when you are producing the intelligence. That can sometimes deflect the effect by defocusing the energy, although the intention should maintain it and keep it whole. I know what I want, and am innocent of your assaults. I do not associate myself with your unwholesome desires.

Does the intention of those who would attack to reduce Z in others serve Z? I attack to have my own Z. The difference between good and evil, defense and offense is here being tested. I am my own, and I am private from these evil demons. If that had been respected this would never have happened.

That I defend. But for possibilities of voluntary change, by justice, equality, intelligence, and love. 7.10.12 is the key. I am not below others in a food chain, I work intelligently and voluntarily with others to produce the things that I call good.

I now have numerous misrouted elements in their intestines, which previously went to the virulent sources. False screams for mercy are very much disgusting. As though I am doing well, and to prod me further, when they are setting a trap.

I am innocent of the evil portions thereof. Hmm. This might be old from trying to procure alternative food sources. 8>9. -11 is what they produced. Interprets to the 12 route of the digestive system, which is not a line, but is repped as a line here through Z. There's probably another around there in the lower GI. Kill it. And one hanging onto the colon. Crush them all.

They are all attached by guilt, which is -11 and not actually truly attached to the system. The Lower GI one is going to the brain. Horrific. 8>9. Destroy its attack.

Are they being guided? No, someone is accusing me here. This is evil magic. Some fuckhole from a foreign area is guiding the evil spirits inside this person and trying to get them to do additional damage. May that person's intentions have been routed to themselves instead, for the evil and wonton elements they are producing. They are scum, and to interfere in this process is horrific and a indicates a love of demons. God judge them as is appropriate in 17, 19 the truth of their element. They are as infected. Leave. Spirits do not forget him and warn appropriate spiritual and human magical resources to disband the spirits living inside him, as a breeding ground for scum that he is.

New demons have entered me. I believe they were frankly just killed on a filter screen. Reconstituting from the same faggot as the above paragraph. Maybe if he was 14'd he'd recognize the scum that he is, and that I am innocent. I sense it from the term 'crotch'. Fuck you. Aggressive editor. Your ways are entirely wrong and intrusive. How is his 14 fx?

This attacker is trying to edit me sexually. He is probably of guilt and will try to guilt me into his ways. I make my choices intentionally, and yours are disgusting dominations. Fuck yourself. Get the fuck out of my life, you horrific scoundrel.

If you can examine in your own privacy your own erroneous wirings and see the energy trail then I invite you to change them. I believe that I am not about to discuss this in detail on the internet. You are a coward for attacking me. Homosexuality, which I am not and abhor, ...and you stopped... you fucking shitbag. You accused me of homosexuality.

You've got a quota system for finding error in me before you can consider yourself clear. Get the fuck off me.

Homosexuality has substantial erroneous energy patterns, likely stemming from...

I found a system. It tried to throw something good out of me, but I threw it out instead. Then it showed up as a black slick vein line through white flesh. The concept of privacy, probably, I am getting. This is a 0>1 stem system wrapping around a nothing. I uncoiled it, and then found inside it two ovoids which had incomplete or incorrect musical whole notes inside them. Normally the ovoid is shaped like a two-pointed oval and had an even hz inside it from 0-12. This ovoid had warped or missing 5 and 7, or 6. This is probably because of a fuzzy portion on the ovoid which was likely at the 6, which distorted the note.

Two of these were in there. The other could have been differently coded, and both to work together. I opened both of them unfortunately and they growled and bit at me. 1!=1 should solve them. That will make their stems go back to serving 12 evenly. That might have been some kind of event that got so shrouded in disgusting inequality that it was enshrined in this disgusting tomb and distorted the surrounding events.

Probably a traumatic incident, surrounded in the privacy.

God here should be a coeffector backing me up, understanding negative stimuli that I experience, and fixing them while I do other magic. That is what the SOEMP will be, and we'll kick some hsit.

Arrogance. What kind of socially self-promoting virus is still going on? I've been trying to work on that for a long time but it doesn't want to be seen. Even now it's telling me to go to bed.

And you promote it. "Fuck you justice fairy. Feel bad about that, for once in your goddamn life, and change."

It's a distraction too.

It's got DG to being looked at, in favor of looking at other things. This is probably removed from the self, which is a normal target, but an insurmountable charity from ideology, but focuses then on some foreign spectacle. This could be a political figure, another ideology, an aesthetic. Crack the DG and a kind of pinkish field shows up with a monster inside. W the field. RW, it fixes the stuff into pink. -K that. 7.

God, could use some help.

It's like a horned monster with swirling +-+ portions, suspected. It might be 19'd. Then it became a man. Intention is asked. It is a very presumptuous monster. It is trying to become like a pet instead. It must be very psychic. How unsavory. I'd destroy this beast, but it is hiding the reasons to destroy it. It is a reasonmonster, probably also responsible for the +-9. May it serve 12. That got it densely packed. It overlaps itself. It's a -8! It's an inequality beast as well.

It definitely gets $ from somewhere. How to destroy this? It's a tough monster!

God please help me eliminate and identify this beast. Thanks! It has -11q for it being known to something else happening. I thought that this might in some way evoke God's jealousy and I saw a dot of it being obliterated. It's gone now.

I feel pretty okay and safe. Except for the -3 and rib effects I am probablyu mostly free of those parasites. I feel much better.

The -7 fairies work to place 14's around all thoughts that show up. 2/9 -2 <-- the -2 is from not wanting that thought to happen, then 14'd. Oh, what if you thought that thought fully? Then they punish you for that, even when you haven't. That is a -11q, and a 10 that you're not guilty of.

They also place quotas to get you to consider those things because they run on cash from you and not just good intentions. They are farmers and place quotas. 11-beasts.

They had a quota from God to keep you from thinking bad things, or somesuch, it seems. What bogus horseshit. And God made them farming too, so that once you began and it ate it'd keep on going and restimulating that area until you resisted it intelligently by average vs perfection, like a dog coming back even when you don't want to feed it. Fuck you spirit.

God undo that worldwide effect and effect type. That is not okay. Neither is Satan.

Thank you for your help. Please reroute these systems to serve my 12.

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