Monday, January 28, 2008

George Bush's state of the union is tonight. he's going to come out there with magic in his speech like he does everytime he's there. and his image. he's an agent of the evil human/demon magical sanhedrin from the corrupted city of Jerusalem.

He will try to snake around our countermagic, to ake himself look right despite our truth. He's got 2 hours of airtime to spray lies everywhere. The case against him is already made and won, if our foundational principles are to stand, which they do.

But they have let him into that seat in the first place, somehow. We must find that flaw. It stems from illegitimate banking, secret thuggery, and false media. Expose these things.

From there, we will expose mankind. The Constitution rests. We must enforce it. Enforcing it is living by it. We will change our laws, we will change our ways. From the top, we will bring him down. From the bottom, we will bring ourselves up, to the rightful place of community. [12<13<14]

Beyond this, let us have a buffet of truth next to him and his statements. A toolshed of operable bits to apply to his words, and the results to be displayable and reproducable by anyone. It could be difficult for him to pass such a review.

We've seen that he is not of truth and working with others in secret to wipe out what they see as the failed majority of mankind. They will not succeed in doing this, ad if they did it would not be for the benefit. They are caught to their lies, and kicking others away only pushes them further into it. They will drown together in the flypaper of the Constitution, while we tread it freely. They do not have authority to override the law, nor to tell us what we think. We, the people, make the Constitution, and the Natural Law comes from nature's ways, and bounty.

George Bush is not bounty, despite being rich. He is rich in sin. He is a deep 8>9 and -11q, and -9. Remove him with the counters, the foils to these things, and they may be 12'd to what we want that serves Z in these efforts, so that we do not suffer in removing him.

Foiling him produced some kind of -11q, which is just a guess. AM and quantum measurement serving 12, 13, 14 can do better. He is a failure slot. Things around him fail. The failingest man has failed his way into the presidency because our system of putting presidents and leaders and much of our seniority in place is a failure. [42% of our seniority?]

We're building a new America. 13. We'll begin from the Constitution. What have we lost in joining that document whole? We need Z. We need a 14th amendment, per se? Or something else. A greater level of permanence to our Constitution. It might be wise to have 3 or 5 presidents on rotating terms. The focus on this one man makes us weaker against fraud. A small elected group could be strategic as well as a president, and encourage and reflect community and breadth of opinion.

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