Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I am pretty interested in meeting good aliens. I consider the risks, but I also consider the educational opportunity it might be. And if it would bring me closer to Z. I very well could bring a crest with me of what I am like now and venture into space with them to see if I could make my humanity better and closer to my Z.

This seems to bring disappointment to others. That I would try to improve my race, before the many other opportunities given.

I could find great partnerships in the universe, on earth as well. And without the constraints of a normal shortage-fighting life, which still somehow tugs on my cuff, I could build wonderous hz frequencies together, and untie every knot between me and infinity, which naturally are linked.

I can feel alien forces divining on me. The principle here is that I try to get them to sharpen their image of what is true as they are doing it, rather than go purely along with what they are presuming.

Is this climbing 105% of the mountain, vs 100%? It makes Y. That is amazing.

Y+ social.

"I am being cycled in my brain."

I follow my Z. I will for ~two days crack out some internal issues related to earth [Y+] and then fly.

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