Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I am displeased that large fields and amounts of amperage can be used to override the wills of individuals. Those individuals should be free from that assault and persecution. Strength of an individual should not be so easily overturned. Truth is more critical and worth clinging to than heavy influence of any sort, even if that influence would destroy you and your ability to serve the real truth. You would only be helping your enemies.

Angels don't seem to care about that unless it changes your production of energy. I wonder if I could tare my production to be exactly identical, as I experience new data or emotion-rousing response such as the video below. This attitude is 100% unsustainable [-14]. 14 should allow me and any individual to overcome any level of amperage.

I am going to examine the magic sustained on the state of Israel. It appears that they represent the work of numerous powerful angels and hold great influence over the lives of billions of people and controllers in America and parts of Europe.

They have magic which swears folk to secrecy and filial relationships, which is totally inappropriate and unimportant. I'd sooner see those gags untied.

I am wondering what principles the state of Israel holds and stands for, and how it can better organize and represent those principles, without trampling. The gross atrocities of indecency are not a modern or civil way of doing human business nor living.

If this ozone shield and energy structure are different, is Israel lacking? surely an interior network exists inside the very state around the Yahwehs, and the new Temple of Solomon soon to be built.

What is this temple to be built regarding? I feel that this line of questioning is subtly hijacked by a diversionary and subversive energy frequency, designed to keep out people such as myself. I found the 1!=1 of the two fields, which produces considerable high quality data relating to the origin and nature of the diversion.

I expect new data to approach soon.

They may have anti-divining electrical fields around them, or a very tight data circle with few leaks. 12>13 Z 14 is most probable. That could be interrupted possibly, with the -11q on the [12, 12a], the extension to the real 12 that Yahwehs put on 12 to make it watertight to 12>13.

I'd love to see something even better and freer and more honorable come from this work.

This is a picture of how the system is performed. Where the energy for the +12 comes from is probably solvent to the heaven and based on self refining field conductivity systems. These systems should remain solvent if they are not used to harm others. They might be very good for divination, and have a very low or entrained-out energy profile.

Let's do more work on Israel. Their practices are unacceptable to me and I would have them changed. My Z which indicates great fairness and also love would have them negotiate their places with their neighbors rather than the vicious energy cycling ozone system currently in place ad rooted or anchored in Jerusalem, and probably uprooted in Tibet.

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