Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This is an error system. A -10 orientation to serve a number of potential not-Z's. The true Z rules 10. 12>10 is real.

This is likely a system stemming from 0>1 systems. Y>Z or X>Z are errors. This is a common system of the [Z<-10] = -Y. It might be a needing to express a response to everything that could be said.

It also robs people of their moral solvency if they believe it. Having faith that many 10's are possible to serve Z, and yet none of them rule Z, this is possible. A 10>12 loop is probably one of the main errors of a base14 [0-14] system, which could be ruled by 13, which could be ruled by 14.

The recognition of error and profession of error, by viruses, macroviruses, infected humans, or other system is a hideous condition. These viruses should remove themselves from their system of erroneous editation. There is some calling on earth that originates their intent, that they then serve, in violation of our intent. This origin, which is likely magneticand inside earth, should be found. It is a macroovoid, which is a bud of an ecosystem that filters or lenses the earth's magnetic origin or source in order to produce and edit life.

"helps keep you honest". Know me instead.

DG error.

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