Monday, January 14, 2008

Most of this crap is not intentional 'hey, I'd like to have viruses!' works. It's some thing pushing it's way through

Hmm. I took the parasites and -7'd them. Then I saw that it had bounced to parts of myself. So I did it to themselves for sure. Then they had some kind of latency crap. I took the latency and decided to -7 it. It bounced me with a reddish and white thing, indicating their life. So I W'd the organization at the center, which was red and white, and now I suspect I have bits of virulent EMDNA floating around inside. Those pairings are definitely -11's.

And an 8>9 to the elements inside... this is a lesson I see. You put the stakes high always. That I think is gay.

So I'm going to skip this one for now. Eh, why not do it. I've gotten a lot of good clusters of effectivity before. 8>9 considered as an attack against me by some fucking punk. This is my DNA and life energy. I take it quite seriously. 8>9 of creating, oh, then someone gets to choose to change my DNA for me too. No. I did this for a purpose. Maybe Eve *should* get laid by Adam more often and forget about whatever KGE crap went on. And Adam should dig it and forget whatever KGE crap went on. That seems to be what its about there, God. They also then were like woah, nakedness *indeed*, and covered it up because it was simply too sexy. No lie. That is probably how this system got organized. You'll notice that Lamech also took 4 wives, one of the early folk in the Bible, and multiwife action was common back then, and the Nephilim also came down and had some sex. It's downright a sexy party there. That's probably not quite what God wanted with the high energy fields. FU interferon.

As excellent as fucking with lab coats in the firing chamber at CERN seems, and as much as you God-forsaken/able accusers appear, that is not quite so scientific. I'd keep it to a broom closet during an unscheduled break/lunch.

-11q to the area and a virus from local. No good. W that effect. Also I am innocent of wanting that. And of the 8>9 of the effect being produced. That too is a -11 to the target being accurately set. Serving 12 on purpose. That is much clearer. The environment around me became more electrically conductive and straightforward. I like that. At times I have made lights shine brighter from untying a previous ambient field absorption in the area.

Seriously, you should hire me. I've worn my keyboard texture smooth with figures.

This is probably a distraction, though. -11q to distractions on that man from waterbourne elements. That is CRAP. Whatever reason that junk was there for 35 years is wrong. Serving 12, 13.

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