Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It appears that humans have an electrical 'second tongue' which comes from the part near the uvula under the nose, and can extend out into the world nearly indefinitely, and particularly into other humans. It transmits electrical data and seems to work through the subconscious to organize eventology.

Imagine your ears being licked by someone in California...
Imagine data being delivered from Beijing by this method.

Yep, I'm definitely getting poked all over. I need to acquire some technology for how to resist this manner of poking. It also can be a stem for close level influence. Tech there too.

I've got a - on my throat, which I find tight and unsavory. I do not like the actual bioelectrical effects that are occuring to parts of my body. I don't like having to reverify the effects so frequently. These are little more than casual attention oriented organizations. May the attention paid aid my original ways and intentions. I am innocent of the evils of these attacking beasts.

I am pretty confident that this stuff will turn to good anyway.

May it all serve progression as I know it. Yes, that massive, massive diaspora of energy, multiplied by the service to the things that I adore and love and want, that is a quite powerful effect.

I am finished here basically. Let's do some good things. Also, get the like 16 cords out of my throat. And mine keeps getting torn off, because of that one time I did so in anger to show God i was serious. That was an intention of a different sort than what has lasted.

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