Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This picture is of the social seniority switch mechanism in humans. We are commanded to do as others want unless a social condition is met. This makes humans basically a little codependent at all times to the seniority of others and environmental commands.

This process needs to be controlled intelligently not by an automatic switch. Seniority given in this aspect is not reverent unless otherwise specified. Excellent. This is a functional effect.

This should eliminate all charismatic appeals and replace them with the potential for intelligent oversight. This oversight is also not to be required based on the 0 in the original circuit line. That 0 should equal 1. But how to make this system dynamic, and what of the overflows that will be created without its continual regulation? This is the rewiring of a species.

And fuck the Satans who would interfere in our evolution. God, I would blame you for this. Satan is in my face and messing with me because of you. Is it true? It is true. At the time it was true. Now you've let up and he has backed off some. Is it artificial? Yes.

Shame upon you.

And those who would react fearfully to such a statement, gain the intelligence needed to recognize the things that you want are not precisely what is happening. You may have a 101 [-3] [-1]. Seeking stability of your social systems, in tangent to ours.

Your Z< looks like a 4ish shape.

Satan has no right to interfere in humankind. Not at all. Satan is automatically inferior to us with a 1wv to his input not mattering, serving Z, which is in us. We will not be regulated by this evil incarnate. God shame on you for setting him upon us. Cowardice. Envy. Jealousy is yours.


Politicians and world leaders have dynamic magic established to orchestrate the transition of power in 2008. -11q to this process.

This 4>Z spirit is trained to not see some aspects of God. He is also seemingly weakening me at this point. My Z > his actions. He's 3<4 from our social aspect. Switch to 9 in the picture. 9>4.

Satan is associated upon us for changing our genetic code and evolutionary path. The 4 creature was attacking me as though I were Satan. Go to it, ally. Satan is a monster. He is one s away.

How can I help? I feel a change in the electromagnetic tide. Was that what you wanted? good.


Others cannot know your "11". A name is something you call yourself. The relationship between yourself and your goals in the gothic Z cannot be precisely known by any other being.

This entire energy circle is an 11, and not 12. It is not Z, but a launchpad and aircraft carrier from which to fly. This wheel is a name and nothing more. It may be a good ship but it is not senior to my own missions and love.


The basic concept that Satan wants to establish we humans and everything on a chart of his own is a jealous concept. He has no right nor authority to change us or to pigeonhole us as a measurement. He is like a continual crappy force in the universe, reducing the quality of things. He enjoys the suffering of others. He wants this s to be dominant in the world, for it has a choke hold on him and he wants nothing to cause it to be disturbed in a way that will make it harm him.

So the same for us and the apple.

A wandering and curious spirit is placed in the garden with an apple, told not to eat it. He/she is asked by someone to eat it. It is a matter of time before he or she, in freedom, will either inquire about this apple in sympathy to the other person's energetic fussings about it, or eat it themselves. It has little to do with obedience, which is inferior to Z.

Why yahweh established a menagerie of these spirits to work in a circle and what kind of grade he will get on his homework project for it, we do not know. We merely know that it is intolerable slavery and a cruel disgusting trap for living energy which is superior to human form or the biology or organization of any of the species involved, or to yahweh itself. < Z.

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