Monday, January 28, 2008

Our nation is --F.

Not Not F does not equal F. [--]F != F.

We need to have a system for identifying failure in America, even despite this giant --F on top. We don't need to use --F. We can 12 through that. The --F is a -11, and by 13 we can override it. 12>11 will work well also.

Saying we have a use for everything is the way of the American downfall. Everything has a place and everything has a use, but it all must be appropriately sorted, and if we fail to do that, as America is developing kidney failure, we will fall.

We should pass this stone of GWB and the neocon agenda. Beware that it is an LT, a lizard tail, and not the whole thing. GWB is not a dictator, he is a puppethead of the dictatorial world regime, stemming from CT and --F.

This is Eve wanting more sex times 8>9.

This is the other side of the coin of the apple. KGE c/o markable benefit. Anti-meida, vote fraud, anti-CIA, -9 FX. These, God, are what we did not want.

You've done very poorly and killed billions by testing us with them. You're the one who should be tested. -11q on yourself.

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