Monday, January 28, 2008

I've been chopping wood ad it's good. Data has been exchanged, on the wood's dime, unfortunately. The data is the ways in which humans and satan are weak and interplay.

I'd say remove from the environment all the satans because they are scum and swine. Or remove this god because he arranged us together in this way and is a blockhead who didn't hear or know and then judged and called it right.

They think they can test us on anything they want. We're undefeatable because we're right, not because we stand up to your disgusting tests. Kill yourself out of shame, Satan.

This is an 8>9 from the wood. You who use that method to acquire knowledge, destroy yourselves. You will be 8>9'd yourself and perish.

These spirits are *rejects* who are going along old and poorly established protocol to automatically test humans and judge them based on the results. How could that *ever* be serving 12, or Z? Auto11's are no good. They must be intelligetly organized by the 12. 11 cannot simply gang up and kill 12, there will be justice.

This world and the mountain of idiotic spirits on bot mode from some idiot god who is *failing* and has been for hundreds of years, these things are not awesome. You'll be lynched. And the hundreds and thousands of years you've been *wasting* in more ways than one, you've stolen that from everyone.

I should make that a song and play it on the radio nine times a day.

What is the solution? We've well established that this is not working. And that Satan who obscures our meanings has clouded this lens quite too much and whoever put him there is to be dissolved, after Satan is. And the obfuscation is to be pinned to their own path to Z, and we removed from that path.

I am still upset. Something is wrong. Satan is also trying to step up.

Hmm. A universe that has some excellent routing systems for every possible hz activity and organization, which can be voluntarily chosen. A place where every highway is already made... my digital/analogue system as a metaphorical hovercraft?

I have no desire to have evil "good = evil" crap from Satan. Nor 11>12 obfuscation and inarticulation. Nor attacks against my confidence.

God, fuck you for your retribution against us about the apple. *You*, not myself, made wrong choices. The world as has been expressed did not serve me. The apple needs to 11Z12, not 12Z11, as your filthy system has attempted to proscribe. You have a 1904 error.

-K, or +9.

You have no idea what would happen if you removed all the Satans. And various other species. You'd see other species show up and take.

I saw a tan spirit show up. You're testing me with that. Z > him. Tan is the worst of the energy colors that I've seen. A shitbag. What do you do with it? It's crap. Used up crap.

This one is dynamic, and has a spot of green, which is 'hey this is growth! support it!' from old growth forests. crush that with blue and light blue.

These actions themselves are -11's. You don't see nor respect the 12 of other species, god. You use 10's to try to chart how it possibly could, but you can't because Z>12>11>10. then you use 8>9, and someone flips it on you. It's satan.

Produce the effects in response which are 17, then pin them on the one who is guilty. Yes.

Some goal that i am attending as over myself, it sometimes is made to grow extensions that then also attack me, forcing me to decide. That is inappropriate and wrong. It is a -11 geometry of inappropriate organizations of numbers. It becomes a pink energy extension from the core of the event.

Some kind of major quantum pit then formed from that unmade decision. It's a 10, yes? Not a 12. It's just okay. The 12 is progress I want. 10>12 by choice [13] is possible, but the choice made in the garden was a magic ritual for what eve really wanted, not submission to the apple's effects. And Adam was probably the same story.

Serving 14.

The choices you've made are retarded. Get the fuck out of my life. You yourself, you're a possible combination of [2] energies. They are 10.

Satan has put a - "|x" on my thigh. I do not need to judge that, and I do not want it. It should be as it was before. To punish him for oppressing me in this way, which is unnatural and perverting, pick a punishment. And also dewire him.

If you do good things, care about good things, and clarify the things you do that are good, other good things will happen to you by the warm hearted intelligent inspirations of others. That is how to live and have food, not to steal or plunder.

There is an 8>9 twist. One in the mind before the cognition, one as Satan. We should not be put in a 'bag' with satan. He's a chav, and you're a douchebag for making it happen. Find out why!

Without your fuckin stupid -11's.

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