Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cats are slightly interdimensional beings. I have a problem with a cat from outside. I said that if that cat comes around and attacks my cat, I'd swat him. Cats have a 10=11 error. They try to place the 10 as close to the 11 as possible, with no space between. This is the unification of two quantum worlds tightly.

Wordings of these plans, which are mine, which are 4, which I neglected by allowing the cat to see them [3>4], produced an error which some are profiting from. My arm is being attacked.

Those who profit here from this error, and choose to have it over truth, may they and all like them truly have 17 placed upon them.

It's irritating that someone would magnetize these events to happen or to want them to happen, when they are evil. God let's crush them. I do not care about the e- they produce or...


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