Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tonight was one of the most freakish nights of my life. Again. I was geometrically abused by God and angels and Satan and demons as I tried to gain my freedom from their slavery and electromagnetic brainwashing upon earth. It made me angry and damaged by spiritual body and honor.

Since then, since around 10pm, they have been as lambs towards me, knowing that I will be posting this to many, and trying to salvage their reputations. They may have treated me as an innoculation against the attacks of those who would now know their greatest weaknesses. I would call that kind of flagellation cowardice.

This is the symbol that comes between the Yahweh species and their "Z". I also note that the P/X symbol was seen by Roman Emperor Constantine in the clouds before a great battle. It was a sign that he would win and to begin the Catholic Church.

The current organization of the heavens is among these eight or so species working in an energetic circle to produce a ring or chain of energy, like the Krebs cycle. Species have been constructed or built by either the Yahwehs in Eden or a higher being than Yahwehs, and we all form a garden ourselves, headed by the Yahwehs, with their Px. They love interpersonal approval of their Z more than they love their Z. This is why God loves to be worshipped and has made the plans for 'his people' and have built the nation of Israel in the way they have and why they are jealous, and make such commandments above us, and has built automatic submissions into our personalities, which we all despise and which have caused such problems in our society.

The apple was a setup to get us into this chain and to guilt-hook us into staying there instead of using this knowledge. The apple has been described previously.

Other species in this chain are the stability being, which has an excellent sai-like 4. Although somehow it appears that they are not as active since I posted last. They may have morphed into a new race, being so well grounded in themselves, or left this chain. That is a serious disruption to our world energy, and I expect great chaos to approach shortly.

The injustice monster has an upside down question mark at the top, as though something has not been examined in them. They also have a break and a -7, which is a deviation, which seems to point to the left towards termination. They hold onto this injustice visited upon them and believe that it has not been examined sufficiently by someone who they believe was supposed to right it.

All of these angels and demons live and participate in a mental cycle which could probably be completed as adequately by any single race with sufficient versatility or stability. Instead these internal oppositions have been maintained in races for the purpose of food. This is as bad as waterboarding cows because then they taste better. Or just for fun, or to settle your own internal oppositions. We're veal.

The "s" shaped monster, the species 'satan', has been described below. There is also a large and purple-blue knight angel which is probably 3 swords raised high, in dominance over we humans, the 3 stalks of grain. These can become very large. There may also be several deviations of this kind of angel. I like them, and they are just, but they work for the Yahwehs who run this terrible menagerie.

These actions have been taken because existence is not just and is a slavery for many humans. Humanity needs a new route to follow and a better place in existence. There is no reason for us to be harmed in the way we have been and dominated so unjustly. This is justice for those who have abused the ones they made, from direction unknown.

We could probably do this work with alchemy, 3D printing, and certain electrical machines and laboratory devices, and the sun will help considerably. Living without other spirit species around would be a difficult task energetically. We should be able to manage our electrical ecology in a way that puts ourselves first like all things ought, and not disrupt that process in other species.

God has made us his ozone layer for millenia. When a planet has a strong em field, it has protection from cosmic and solar radiation and attracts and holds a good atmosphere and other principles.

We're also a watery planet with large stores of water in porous rock. This makes us an information holding planet, as water holds waves, which are information. We're probably a divining planet and an astronomical scale cosmic lens for others, with various hz frequencies beamed at us from the local half-light year region, the sources of which then listen for the data-heavy echo. Our SETI system is quite a suitable duplicate. As babes, we also did not know nor have meaningful interest, making us an impartial jury. I would rather be free and partial than a slave, but I can be free and also impartial, and just. The only requirement is geometry, and the energy density to have such hz frequencies.

This time has been foretold for thousands of years. The Hopi, Maya, Jews, and Egyptians have very good records and accuracy about this topic. It still feels vividly alive and fiery with potential of many kinds, despite being foretold. The risk feels like it is there, even though the story has already been told.


It is probable that this mutation took place alongside blond hair relating to a blood drinking ceremony with the dead god Odin around the time cited in antiquity. The blond hair blue eyes concept has to do with being drained of blood, so as to be pale in skin. This kind of mutation can be made by aliens or engineering gods. The Nephilim are real, aliens are real, titans were real, dragons and dinosaurs were probable antedeluvian phenomenon.]

Instead of being part of this divination spectrum, we will become an intelligent divining source planet, and produce and experience that great honor. We will be moving on to the next phase of human existence. How we became roped into this torture-mod is beyond the realm of decency. Laws of mathematics should be changed to allow greater differential between shells. Faster hz frequency mass modification can also be possible. Slavery should be avoided, dreams of all should be made real. Dominating menageries are cruel and should be prevented by giving greater rights to the individual to seek Z.

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