Saturday, January 19, 2008

Instead of this control, I want to do whatever I want all the time. Instead of 0Z species, I have my own operational mechanisms for self editation. I recall a time for about 15 minutes of sheer spirit panic that I was declassified from Z/0Z, and they just didn't know what to do with me, whether to push me forward or back. I enjoyed that freedom, of not being classed or abused.

It can happen. Believe it. It could happen again.

Is there a race of god beings as there are species of satans? I recall genesis saying 'we gods'. Let me reread. Or is it just so? I am here, spirits are here and watching and communicating. Is it the dream or the record of the dream from old? Thousands of years, you say.

I don't much care if you kill me with cancer. I have things to say and do. Don't do it.

The world is supposed to be this fantastic marble, and it's just not. And you're not even going directly to it.

Knowing good and evil means that we as humans both Z and 0Z. We are in some trouble. Most species are designed to either build up or take away solely. But knowing these two things has given us the option of doing either to both good and evil. We can choose to build up or destroy good, or build up or destroy evil. I have chosen to destroy evil and build up good.

What am I to do amongst this electrical system, accustomed to checks and balances by segregation of those species? I must act intelligently among it. Sorry the planet's ecosystem didn't work out. I bet it will be even more productive when we modify it to have an awesome ecosystem around us as enlightened humans among alien spirits.

I do not believe I should stop my choices with good and evil, even as I construct an ecosystem and culture.

Someone thinks this is panicworthy. Does my statement include my own intelligence? Yes. It may produce brittle or unipolar systems which are 11, and not 12. Circular progression, does it always involve such destruction? Biosystems can be engineered to be a fruitarian ecosystem, such as without death. This 11 can be serving 12 rather than not. A productive world, someone recognizes it as a world trading energy with other unipolar worlds, to produce a free market green energy system. How nice. Hmm. That also seems to be 0Z. God has planned this temple instead, where all awesome are made. Perhaps that will double as the unipolar sections serving the progressive world.

In that name, do crush the -7's. We don't want them. I don't want them. I want justice, not harassment.

And there's still this... thing that is -11 to being addressed but not disappearing. Cancer is not a handle nor a leash on me. Should I put one on others? Someday perhaps? Would my friend crack a beer on my head?

The human em loom. How this works I may discover soon.

At what hz are we no longer needed to be reviewed 0Z?

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