Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm experiencing a spiritual attack from Satan. He's got a certain shape to his em function that has seemingly entirely conquered his way, which is not at all pursuant to Z, but he is either useful or powerful enough to continue living without pursuit of Z. It is horrific.

This deviant shape to them is more important than Z. A number of species appear to have these uberZ/ P > Z nonsense terms. They're BS.

It looks like someone has pinched part of the back of my head's energy and tried to turn it into a 9 or a 6. It is neither, and just that I exist in my pursuit of Z.

What this lesson is, who is sicing Satan on me, how to untie the concept of Satan, and how to either punch those [sickers] in the nose or remove them from the game is high on my list. Bitches are trying to change me by force. No one does this in a way that I enjoy.

We can have a civilized chat over tea. Reproductive effects are fine, and you...

you must be trying to sort out the gross difficulties to get an 098 of sex. Well come to town. And stop fucking with me.

Satan's -Z is the deviating frequency of the scalpel. Since he has surrendered to it rather than pursue Z he is not truly infinite until he returns to seeking Z. In the meantime he is someone's tool. Someone unfortunate and who themselves seeks X > Z.

A researcher. Someone who is studying us on every level as many beings. A polymer of living beings.

Also, last night during the debates I received two half crowns to wear.

Someone thinks that is partially boasting. I love to spread good news. They would catalyze the part of it that fears it is boasting, but is not. How do I share good news about myself best?

Hmm. Fractions of intention.

Nothing is always higher than Z.

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