Friday, January 25, 2008

This is a picture of Satan's energy structure. The Z he experiences only goes so high. He is madly desperate to enhance his Z for some reason. The jagged paths to the side at the top are trying to force something into the area above Satan's Z. As though "! > Z" were an unacceptable condition to Satan. If there is nothing in the world that is better than Satan, he is crying. But he also wants to be the best and fulfill his Z. This is horrific and stupid, and engineered by God to get e- from us and all things.

Large -3's work there. The points in the jagged line may be squareable as the -3 triangle can be surrounded by a 4.

This is the opposite of the image below where the Z is being forced around the lambda. Someone is trying to force my Z around the bottom lambda through Satan or to give power to him. Power that goes to Satan can be easily converted into power to God.

I tested some procedures on Satan and as usual some of it stuck to him in ways I do not want. 13>-11 to give nothing to him, nor to God. Both of these "non-Z" functions are terminal in this world. All non-14 functions are unstable and will be destroyed and crushed.

I can feel myself being influenced. It is probably some nonsense from PZ. Maybe it is from having a home that I defend or an environment in which I desire.

Ugh, I've messed up my brain with complex structures stemming from others' originations. Goddamn you, God. My Z is mine, not yours. Trying to get it from me is theft.

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