Saturday, January 26, 2008

The arrogance of God knows no limitations, like teaching a stupid person. It is good that our truth goes right through him, but may they stop attempting to pervert and deviate our truth. They are impermanent.

May the 1!=1 to this statement be found.

Using this 1!=1, someone has caused their parasitism to be enhanced. The parasitic evil structures inside them have been revealed, the circle is a thing that they change. It is a dark circle now with two lines with -7's/-3's in them, leading from the edge to some false center. It changes its perimeter to subvert better.

A lightning bolt line, two false ones.

It uses this to produce a falsehood.

Since it is not permanent, it will serve permanence.

It's disgusting center has been found. A donut ring with nothing in the center, and blue energy and -3's with -0's at their ends in the ring. Like the radisson symbol, sort of. A triangle with a ball at the top. This is a kind of spring for the circle, or something, a creation of service to nothing. Their god is nothing. Crush them.


They have become nothing it seems. Reconstitution... may they be scanned. Many wavy lines from the blood they spilled, an invisible white kind of light. It is 12[0], not knowing advancement or truth. The origin they really want is for us to not change or move forward. They are trying to be the conquest of 8. For 8 to win forever. They are infinity of 8, without intelligence. But intelligence will always defeat them. May they no longer try. May they not coagulate into evil forces.

Infinity cannot be known, can it? But by kind. Knowing all kinds is the 9>8. Knowing all things local is the 8<9<10.

When not all local things are known, 8>9? That cannot be. 8 is lesser than 9. 9 can exist even if some things local are not known.

God has placed a -11 for unknown things to come to us. May he be *killed*.

We have conquered him, become permanent, used our intelligence to defeat everything, and now choose our ways in life and on earth. This is the role of every specie developing. How can we have a specie form that will do this without these challenges we have faced?

Species, please crush the evil spirits that have been called upon us and crush the one who sent them, who would chop off my neck or would go through it. It is understandable that he is a monster. Misunderstanding and ill grammer is unfortunate.

The monster, the god, is a -3, an "I am greater than you." A greater than sign away from us, as Satan is one to us. The viruses. They both are hideous -11q scum. By my desire, crush them both. 13>-11q. And with this we gain permanence, roughly, 13 serves 14.


not being forced to advance, as per 14.

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