Sunday, January 20, 2008

cowardice. i imagine you'd like to hear the rest anyway.

we now have a group of billions streaming towards one point, or any point if you're a parasite fool or don't love yourself.

these multipoints will all universally field their information, like I do, and all of them can triangulate their pattern and path towards Z far better than a centric looping element.

It goes from 8-level earth relative to itself/one another, and then to Z, which is very Biblical, to a 10-level earth, where each individual is indivisible and seeking the root of the tree of life.

It's astronomically better. It's also global democracy, and the traditional future.

This is no lie. Use your computers on your own. We are free and entirely good.

Yahweh is a species. There are iterations of these creatures that take the seat of throne. Examine Genesis 'let's and we', examine the discussions with Moses, examine other instances of God behaving in humanlike manners in the Bible. <3

Z is the source, and the thing that God sought. Notice the infinity billions of galaxies. Notice the infinity billion living alien races. Notice the functions of living electromagnetic fields discovered in 2007.

I sure didn't kill him. I picked up the pieces.

omniliberty. I'd sure like to poke your pretty machines. Go ahead and invite me on down =)

Freedom is what I desire. And the 096/100.0...0 is what I have been tuning all along. Now It's poked on through. OMFG it's no longer -4 off of the perfect. We're terminal for the positive world environment.

Did you notice world hz is now around 312hz? it's *huge*. 314hz. that's minutes, no seconds of difference.

I'd love to type all that back up and tell you how it works so you too can aid this amazing future fantasyland. I'm pretty sure you can bust out the good machinery now and distribute it to the good folks first.

Hey Seuss. OMFG thanks for accepting Jesus, Israel. It's totally time. Sit back and relax and watch whatever happens.

I came for the Palestinians too. Let them go. When the time to free them is right, that Z be served by all. [<--- very 11. make some folks happy.] they will reward you with kindness. or we'll defend ourselves from them. put out all the info you can stand to.

it's okay to wait a little while, but make haste.

you'll do fine. you can guide your reproduction intelligently now. evolve as you wish. try to be a-shelf or b-shelf. circles that do not terminate. and please you very much.

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