Monday, January 28, 2008

Some manner of minus apple is being perpetrated upon mankind. We're being trained as though to be restored to servitude under YHWH.

We have KGE. This is good, and an advancement, if it serves Z. Obviously we felt the need to customize ourselves. The effects of the apple were not entirely to our liking, obviously. To have a place, a 'garden' that is decent is a goal of mankind that we are not about to drop.

We're being pushed by evil spirits in the hands of 'good' spirits back into a shape. I am displeased with this harassment. I want to move to place where Satan is KILLED and the gray aliens all dashed, and mankind lives in community in this garden.

I am not pleased with Satan being the Y to our Z. He is no partner, and god, you are no partner if you will not remove him from our experience.

Goodbye. I'll do it myself.

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