Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I am fighting aliens.

God, please be here with me.

Some rebel alien is trying to stay in my hosue and take my energy. This house is not mine, we are innocent of sharing it with you. You have abused the extent ot which we would share a house, get the fuck out.

I believe there are these rice-shaped energy controlling elements that contain a whole note of energy. Humans sometimes contain them in the brain or other areas of the body.

The rice pellets are casts and anchors for the kind of energy desired to be organizing in a person or a crowd, to shift their energy systems.

If you could kindly have them return my +K, that'd be nice.
They're slime. They probably are using the system described to redirect all negative energies from myself at them to a -8 of the function.

The abomination of an implant found in Paul Laffoley's brain is described below.

The "0" port in the implant is the biggest intelligence issue right now. None of the implants have it nor can they reliably produce it. It uses e- slowly to produce an ambient signal that aliens are seeking to duplicate. But it is different from the ambient human signal and will be recognized. Also it will then be subject to logic that can affect it internally. The crack there is now open. You can use the resting signal option on the implant to break into it.

Also, using a -4 to loose the signal kept inside is an option. It may be possible to take over these implants and use them as additional anchors in the human instead of in-hacks. They could strengthen us.

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