Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I believe that humanity can be restored without mass deaths by combatting these emf viruses, and by using positive empathic events.

This method is used by scaremongers and uninvited guests, racketeers and protectionists. The option here is to remove "a" and "b", and of course "c". Avoiding c is linked to accepting a, which is an inappropriate association, a negative quota, a -11q. Avoiding c should open eyes to the whole of a and the user should then acquire intelligence regarding the restoration of the x/z line the a bites into.

I have recently taken in a new piece of furniture into my house. This changes my chi and desires to 8>9 balance an excellent piece of furniture I recently got but already have. This 'bad' furniture is something that I saw, and found to be appreciable. It is a little too big for the area, and makes the couch slightly less usable, but it is almost never used anyway. This is more of an office with a bedroom in certain respects.

This is a virulent emf, potentially aided by gray emf [-5]'s. It seeks to maintain the magnetic composure of my room and area by balancing a net positive change with a negative positive change.

Those who seek this disgusting motionless equilibrium are as bad as the Satan who wishes to introduce difficulty to an environment so as to add strife, and the one who sent him wants the toughness we will bring in response. That is an 8/-8 reaction, which should be ruled by 9.

I would prefer to keep this furniture and restore it to goodness energetically.

It has a cabinet space for use, which is 12 up, -v. But then, I have too much stuff in this room.

There are manipulative aliens that live in this house. They have lost their ship and been living here seemingly since the 1980's. The image of the event looks like this:

They are hijacking our Z-pathway. They are preventing our advancement.

Get the fuck out.

I now hope to disentangle ourselves from them, to declare and examine our innocence, and to keep all of our treasures in their extradition. Protection is of little value in this sense, but may we replace all of their advancing strengths with our own.

This is a picture of the USG, and the parasite and its effects upon humanity, and how the parasite has warped our organization into its monster. Toxo-plasmosis does this roughly on a one-person level. An electromagnetic macrovirus is doing this on a population-level.

This is not the work of an individual, but a [magnetically calibrated human brain function interactive virulent] parasite.

It gets between mankind's original true social organization and the deviation probably originating from knowing and judging good and evil. The dissonance between the real center and the false center produce electronic spare change on quantums and in frequency [see BBTSJ], just like a spinning bowling ball with an offset center.

These electrical spare cycles are captured and imprisoned by the macrovirus and accumulated into the real interpersonal and neurological influences and certain shifted world events by amperage-measurable magnetic quantum effects to accomplish their devious and evil task, whatever that may be. What does a virus do?

It seems they seek our enslavement and to have us as their domesticated energy source. They being the virus, and the Rockefellers and others functioning as their "capos". A capo was a term for a Jew in a Nazi death camp who was the frontman and worked for the Nazis even in enslavement to control and corral the other imprisoned Jews.

God, work to kill the viruses enslaving humanity, even the Rockefellers. We do not deserve this. Examine the linkage between KGE and mankind's choice to eat the fruit. That is where the true information lay. Magnetic associations regarding this function should be identified over the past minute.

The apple is more like this furniture to us. We don't much care about the cycles inside it, as far as I'm concerned. What humans care about is getting laid and having a good time. That is the goal, and we should keep to it, and the seals that were upon us and organization that was there previously, that can remain and be either not reviewed, or reviewed intelligently as need be.

Does anyone not understand? Give me the questions to answer.

We've got some doppleganging here, and considerable magnetic malfeasance by Satan and the virulent forces that he is a bud from the stem thereof.

We can eliminate this virus or reprogram it to function in a way serving Z instead of [0]Z, or kill it. I am forming the SOEMP to do so.

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