Saturday, January 26, 2008

I came home last night and accidentally shifted the blessing on this house, and now I have woken up and I feel totally drained. It's stupid.

The blessing has returned but my brain is harmed. I don't want to be subject to this kind of activity. I don't want humanity to be succeptible to this kind of nonsense.

Humans have an automatic 0>1 system somewhere, which is a -11 quota. This is a nonsense from the garden of eden, where God cursed us with evil magic. We're a servant species and designed to do what we're told and accept the evil magic that comes upon us.

I'd like for Adam to have 12'd through the evil curses placed upon him by God.

I guy at my workplace is an intelligent and evil psychic. He's got the 'loop'. It's a brain operation with a single loop, and a hack to govern when this loop is fulfilled. The loop is parasite food, and a stupid addiction. The hack has condition parameters set up to govern when the loop is fulfilled. This is the addictive personality. This man I know is *trash* because of this loop and his continual desire to fulfill it. His hack is very well developed because of the weak and young position he was in when he acquired this loop.

My brain is badly messed up, energetically. If you friendly spirits out there would try to restore it that'd be nice. How can I become immune to this? Thanks.

I've got something over Z, clearly, as this is nothing like what I want.

I also had someone in my house all night who was racist against me and my family because of an irrationality inside himself. I do feel good about myself, and reject the ignorance of spirits around me who are lame and dumb. I think spirits sensitive to racism targetted me after calling a girl I know who studies race and flipped this condition around on me through the man in my house. Spirits do this and they are dumb as crackers. I am not a man who is racist, nor would it matter if I was.

It seems evil spirits have set up residence in this house. They are not welcome, this place is -14 from impermanent non-Z spirits. I am 14, Z.

I've got all manner of 6's on my brain, which are to be ruled by 7 and 14.

I have 8>9's, which flip reactions that should have helped me to hurt me, and for my interactions with others.

The ones who 'did' these things to me, they should seriously be put in the sun. Why would any spirit do this? Why would I care and become part of their reactivity? When I desire an electrical function to occur, it is mine and what I am to focus on, not the opposition to it, unless they make it more enhanced or more like what I want. Most of the time, what I want is some kind of improvement and I view everyone's participation as a potential to improve them and me and our Z's and PZ.

It seems that Satan leaves bits of energy around in places, and every piece of energy acts like him when it appears, even if it is not him.

I've got bad portions on my 2/9, -11q's, all kinds of attacks. Z is more important than whatever curse has been put upon me. May the reason for all of the things I allowed be fulfilled by their original intention. That is so frequently obscured and skewed. The beginning of a bunch of tiny new projects.

When Satan gets or appears through energy it is bad. Perhaps it is from a -11q placed upon earth or mankind. It's probably mankind species magic. I bet we can crack that bad shit and do away with the species-level curses God has placed upon mankind, such as our "C-shelf" energy going to bad causes or hurting us, as we've been basically energetically put in a bag and all of our energies redirected towards us roughly, when passed through certain processes, designed to shift our output.

There is something in my neck or back on the right side, and an alien one on the left. They can be eaten by me. Nothing keeps them there except something that I have been afflicted with.

Energetic scum creatures, they offend me. I'd rather have them crushed and their kind and ways eradicated.

My magnetic organization was hit at night. How can someone agree to things while they are sleeping? I am not interested in the changes that took place. I hate being psychically attacked because it is the lamest of douchebag scams by the most retarded of idiots.


Spirits, kill that bitch. We're doing this operation. God is a fag and needs to get off this planet and away from humanity. He's a curse upon us, as is his bouncer Satan. I've been hit by this scam artist and hurt often by the automatic compassions I have for him and for others. They are not what I want. Any magic that takes place in less than roughly a half second of time...

I shouldn't even have ot mention this stuff, because it should be as I want and those around me respect that. Satan and God don't. Anyone who doesn't respect what I want, their magic is worthless to me, unless it serves what I want, and choose, and love. I will always want to do well, I will always want to live and prosper. I will always want freedom.

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