Saturday, January 19, 2008

Most of these spirits operate at around 836hz. Lots of the 0Z spirits designed for discipline are kept at around 230hz, to be slightly dominant over human hz. They probably work to be crushed by more powerful humans and crush normal humans who act up as well as weaker ones.

They have the power to form energy associations and sometimes capture attention from humans and place it on special things. If you feel this happening, it is a spirit.

I am pretty pleased to work within a system that is accurate to my intelligence and trades fairly. When my energy is robbed I always respond because someone is wrong.

Parties are so giddy because of the excited trading of energy and the presence of many different kinds of energies available for humans to absorb or release and for spirits to make new shapes from. Chemical drugs and foods are special too.

Many people in the world community view the United States as a terrormonster. Many people see the favored figures of the Bush administration and the Israeli figureheads as war-starting monsters and creators of harm. I was so displeased when I heard of the Lebron Affair or the execution of that unarmed suicide bomber after he had been stripped to his underwear and handcuffed in the street. What can be said to them? Sorry? Many view the Constitution as a protection of decency for them against illegitimate police and imperial empires and unfair unintelligent law.

Would you do this to yourself, spirits?

It's brutality. It's wanton violence and dehumanization.

I have taken the time and interest to learn your language. Why won't you learn ours?

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